North West Liberty News – Why in Hell was Juan O Savin Even in My Life? + Divine Interloper – “ON CAMERA BUT PUBLIC AND LEFT UP FOR THREE YEARS” JUST RECENTLY MADE UNLISTED

Why in the Hell was Juan O Savin Even in My Life?

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One of the More Bizarre Pieces of the Cynthia Abcug Situation is the Meddling of Juan O’Savin, and his ApparentFlipping” of my Reporter, Candace Blake.

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First published at 05:51 UTC on April 17th, 2020


Divine Interloper

Wayne Ronald Willott, AKA Juan O Savin, Never Came Right Out and said he was JFK Jr But by his Refusal to SAY he was Not Him, and because he went Along with Others Calling him Jr, he lied by omission. The last voice in this video IS 100% JUAN. NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER! Wayne Ronald Willott

This is the Juan O Savin Playlist, which are Listed in Order. To Get to the Truth, Start at the Top and Go Down the List in Order. Some of it is Repeated. There are Two that are the Same Except One had James, from North West Liberty News, who gives his Own Personal Account of Wayne Willott AKA Juan O Savin AKAWAKA JFK Jr. I have No Ulterior Motives Whatsoever, just the Truth and Facts.

Please do your research

Current information indicates “Juan O Savin” is Wayne R Willott”
In Response to Reader “The subject is Juan O‘Savin and the postulation that he is JFK Jr” (hobie)

George Colgrove III –  Thread

I’ve Done Extensive Digging on Wayne Ronald Willott To Check Things People have DM’ed me With. Here’s What I have Confirmed.
(1) 1 0 7 is A Number he has Gone By for Decades. Juan O Savin is Just Another Version of That.
(2) He Worked for Several Private Investigator Firms ()
(3) He had A Federal Job.
(4) He was A Federal Contractor for an Investigation.
(5) He had Connections to the Reagan Family and Appeared on Michael Reagan’s Show.
(6) He is A Top Notch Investigatorand Can Draw Excellent Conclusions.
(7) He has been Able to Predict Events.
(8) He has had No Connectionsto the Kennedy’s.
(9) He Embellishes the Truth to Fantastical Levels. He’s an Entertaining Story Teller.
(10) He has an Intense Charisma.
(11) He is Not JFK Jr I did Not Use Any Sources Connected to Field McConnell, Timothy Holmseth or (…) Wayne Willott.
This Information was Independently Verified.

Articles In This Thread

The Subject is Juan O Savin and the Postulation that he is JFK Jr
hobie   Saturday, 5 December, 2020, 05:41:59

While I may be in Agreement on Some of the Things you say I have Seen Enough Deception in my 70 Years that This is Just A Miniscule Amount.”
hobie   Saturday, 5 December, 2020, 02:14:50
The Description Used to ‘Tear Up her Family, Go Underground for Many Decades and Generally Screw Up her Life’ should First be Defined by the Reader
hobi   Saturday, 5 December 2020, 02:40:00
The Subject is Juan O‘Savin and the Postulation that he is JFK Jr
Lymerick  Saturday, 5 December 2020, 02:55:45
Current information Indicates “Juan O Savin” is Wayne R Willott
Mr Fusion Saturday, 5 December, 2020, 03:04:17
What caught My Eye is the pinky ring Juan is Wearing, ()”
hobie Saturday, 5 December, 2020, 05:41:59

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I asked Juan O’ Savin through Jennifer Mac to please tell the thousands of his followers who still believe that he is actually JFK Jr, with his own voice, that he is not JFK Jr. He refused. So I exposed him on my YouTube Channel. He sent Jennifer and others to do his dirty work and got my channel shut down instead. Well, someone gifted me with photos of him from a live YouTube show from 2017, Inaugaration Day of President Trump, when the camera accidentally picked him up while he was “in his car” getting set up to talk on the show. He was driving while doing the show? Anyway, this video was not done out of spite or revenge, but simply because I want to get the truth out and that’s what I plan to do.

This video may contain copyrighted material, the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. This material is being made available within this transformative or derivative work for the purpose of education, commentary and criticism, is being distributed without profit, and is believed to be “fair use” in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107

1. This is also an Entertainment Channel as I use photos in the form of video slideshows.
2. This is also a News and Information Channel as I am a Citizen Journalist sharing Current News and Expose’s
3. This is also a Faith-Based Ministry and I am obeying the tenants of my faith to share with others and to expose the darkness. I have been a Bible Student for 60 years and went to Bible College to learn the Methods of Study.

This guy was accidentally captured on a public video in 2017. He is deceiving hundreds of thousands of people who believe he is JFK Jr. He has never come out and said it, but he has gone along with it for years and gaining thousands of followers. He’s a cult leader now.



Sorry for Doubting your Conclusion, Divine Interloper. I was A Firm Skeptic until the LV Doubledown, when I thought “Damn, he Looks Like JFK Jr‘ and took A Shitload of Screenshots. Then I came Here and you Posted A Link to the Original Interviewthat CaughtWFace ()

•    During that 20 January 2021 Interview, he says in his Distinct 107 Voice that he was Born Exactly 100 Years after Nikola Tesla, so 10 July 1956. AND ()
•   Another Sleuth PostedALegal Docwith Wayne Willot’s Birth Date and it’s 10 Jul 1956. AND ()
•   ‘The Quickly Glimpsed W Strongly Resembles Wayne Willott, BUT THEN ()
  107, Formerly Known as ‘W‘, Appeared at the LV Doubledown in October 2021 Looking Only Vaguely like Wayne Willott, More like an Aging,Puffy JFK Jr, which would Require Sophisticated Prosthetic    
and Noseand AVery Good Wig ()
•  To My Eye107’s Hair looks Unnaturally Thick at the Temples and when he took his Cowboy Hat Off, he didn’t Run his Fingers through his Hair but Ran his Hand over his Hair, Something you’d do if
you’re Wearing A Wig?
•  Here’s the 20 Januari 2021Interview [that you Posted Somewhere Here] where W shows his Face and tells the World his Birthday .

RMR Post Inaugural Coverage. January 20, 2017,  1 hour and 58 minutes in ()

RMR –  Post Inaugural Coverage. January 20, 2017

Live gestreamd op 20 jan 2017


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02:20 PM  Sean of SGT Report
02:40 PM  Ken Schortgen Jr
03:00 PM Bankster Slayer” of Team RogueMoney
03:20 PM Gus Demos of Perpetual Assets
03:40 PM The Prince” of Team Rogue Money
04:00 PMW” the Intelligence Insider of Team Rogue Money
04:20PM – “V” the Guerrilla Economist and Closing Thoughts

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• Here’s the LasVegas Doubledown where 107 looks Eerily like JFK Jr  [the person filming it says his hair is A different color]. ()

• Here’s the last 1/2 of that speech, plus afterwards with his fans, very charming and accommodating, seems like he loved the attention.

For about A day I thought ‘OMG he’s JFK jr!!!! That makes SO MUCH SENSE! I always thought they were all kidnapped and put into A glass enclosure deep underground, psychopaths will be psychopaths, but this made SO MUCH MORE SENSE!!! So of course Caroline would ask her sister to come with them. Now I‘m disgusted, but not surprised. It’s said the Q was A Hopium Operation tried in Russia decades ago, I forget the details but I‘m guessing you know. But maybe the Operation backfired, because millions around the world got involved and formed A great force for truth. But maybe Q is legit? A long range sting makes sense [laid out by Dr Steve Pieczenik on Alex Jones’s show in 2020] and the X22Report is hard to argue with, but he never mentions JFK jr, so 107 and friends could be opportunists who throw some something into the mix. There’s surely A lot of disinfo to fool the enemy, so we have to be fooled too.

OR () ‘W‘ deliberately showed ‘his’ face, which was really his bodyguard Wayne’s face, to introduce doubt about the coming JFK Jr reveal. But if he were JFK jr, wouldn’t his life be at risk, doubt or no doubt, by being out in the open? UNLESS there’s super protection for him, like there clearly is for Trump. But Occam’s Razor probably rules that out.

One thing is for sure, it’s pure genius, but is it evil or divine genus?


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