Nino Rodriguez | Bo Polny – God (…) “ENOUGH OF THIS! MY TURN!”


Published 13 nov 2023

Gold 2020 Forecast, Bo Polny

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The Above represents the Opinion and Analysis of Mr Bo Polny, Based on Data Available to him, at the Time of Writing. Mr Bo Polny’s Opinions are his Own, and are Not A Recommendation or an Offer to Buy or Sell Securities, Commodities and or Crypto Currencies. Mr Bo Polny is an Independent Analyst Who receives No Compensation of Any Kind from Any Groups, Individuals or Corporations. As Trading and Investing in Any Financial Markets may Involve Serious Risk of Loss, Mr Bo Polny Recommends that you Consult with A Qualified Investment Advisor, One Licensed by Appropriate Regulatory Agencies in your Legal jurisdiction and do your Own due Diligence and Research when Making Any Kind of A Transaction with Financial Ramifications. Although an Experienced Analyst, Mr Bo Polny is Not A Registered Securities Advisor. Therefore Mr Bo Polny’s Opinions on the Markets, Stocks and Commodities are his Own and can Not be Construed as A Solicitation to Buy and Sell Securities, Commodiies and or Crypto Currencies.


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