Nicola Bardon – Evil Kinahan Cartel Linked to at Least 20 Murders across Four Countries, Damning EU Report reveals

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Evil Kinahan Cartel Linked to at Least 20 Murders across Four Countries, Damning EU Report reveals


The Kinahan Organised Crime Group has been InvolvedIn At Least 20 Murders, A Damning New European Report has Revealed.

And Daniel Kinahan S Mob are Officially Branded Very Large Wolesalers” of Cocaine.

Mob boss Daniel Kinahan's gang have been linked to 'at least 20 murders' in Europe

Mob Boss Daniel Kinahan S Gang have been linked to ‘At Least 20 Murders‘ in Europe

The Kinahans are now wanted by the US Drug Enforcement Agencies

Christopher Vincent Kinahan Senior $ 5 Million USD Reward Poster (foto The Sun)

Daniel Kinahan has been holed up in Dubai

Daniel Kinahan has been holed up in Dubai (1) (foto The Sun)

Daniel Kinahan has been holed up in Dubai (2) (foto The Sun)

Daniel Kinahan has been holed up in Dubai (3) (fotoThe Sun)

Daniel Kinahan has been holed up in Dubai (4) (foto

The EU Drug Markets Report linked the gang – led by Daniel, 44, his dad Christy ‘Dapper Don’, 65, and brother Christy Jnr, 41 — to ­killings in a number of countries, including Belgium and Ireland.

It says: “Violence and homicides in several EU Member States have also been connected to the notorious Kinahan clan from Dublin, Ireland.

“Conflict between the Kinahans and rival groups has led to the murder of at least 20 people in Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands and Spain.

“The trial of some Kinahan clan members revealed that specialised crime cells were established in order to kill rivals.”

The shocking dossier also refers to “deadly score-settling incidents” that have occurred outside of Ireland.

Deaths that have been linked to the blood-thirsty mob group abroad include Gerard ‘Hatchet’ Kavanagh and Gary Hutch, 34.

Kavanagh, 44, was shot dead at a bar on Spain’s Costa Del Sol in September 2014.

And Hutch S brutal murder in Marbella, Spain, in 2015 kicked off the notorious Hutch-Kinahan feud.

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Little Devil (foto The Sun)

The European Report is the Latest Blow to the Kinahans, who are the Target of A $ 5 Million Bounty by the US Government.

American Officials are offering the Cash to anyone who provides Info that leads to the Arrest or Conviction of the Dapper Don or His Two Sons.

Joe Biden S Administration also hit the Cartel with Tough Sanctions ­closing US bank accounts linked to them as well as shutting businesses.

Authorities in Dubai, where Daniel and top Kinahan associates have lived for ­several years, also announced they had frozen their assets and imposed their own sanctions as the net finally closes.


The Europol and the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction report details how the Kinahan cartel “store significant quantities” of cocaine across a ­number of hubs.

And the EU dossier states that these blow reserves have led to a leap in shootings, murders, torture and bombings.

One case mentioned was where a lawyer was shot dead by gangs in the Netherlands.

The report also mentions how Dutch PM Mark Rutte has had to have his security upgraded because of threats linked to drugs gangs.

Other Dutch professionals such as judges, cops and journalists have had to have police protection due to ongoing threats.

Cocaine manufacturing mainly still takes place in South America but the EU Drugs Market Report found that it is now also being made in areas such as Spain and Belgium.


It states: “Large quantities of chemical precursors used in cocaine production have been seized from illicit production laboratories and at European borders.

“Recent data also suggest that large amounts of cocaine powder have been processed in Europe from intermediary products,
such as coca paste and cocaine base.

“Some of these are ­smuggled from South America in carrier materials (e.g. charcoal, plastics) and then extracted in specialised facilities.

“Availability in Europe of large amounts of cocaine base and coca paste creates a risk of new smokable cocaine products (e.g. ‘crack’) ­emerging on European consumer markets, posing considerable health and social risks.”

Officials also warn about crystal meth, which despite having a small role in the EU market is now seen as a “growing threat”.

EMCDDA Director Alexis Goosdeel said: “Our new analyses show that we are now facing a growing threat from a more diverse and dynamic drug market, that is driven by closer collaboration between European and international criminal organisations.

“This has resulted in record ­levels of drug availability, rising violence and corruption, and greater health problems.

“In response, we need to be even more sensitive to ­signals coming from the market and invest in greater coordinated action, not only in Europe, but also with our international ­partners in producer and transit countries.”

Christy Jnr is also wanted for his role in the cartel

Christy Junior is also Wanted for his Role in the Cartel (foto The Sun)

Thr Sun, 6 May 2022, 17:3

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