Newsy | Noor Tagouri – SOLD IN AMERICA: INSIDE OUR NATION’S SEX TRADE (Full Documentary)

Sold in America (foto YouTube)

Sold in America (foto Noor Tagouri)


Published 15 dec. 2019

The 10 episode podcast spin off is out now, “Sold in America,” wherever you get your podcasts!

Throughout Sold in America, the host, Noor Tagouri, hovers over the unsolvable puzzle of human trafficking as if it were a Rubik’s Cube. She asks listeners to leave their preconceived notions behind and stick with her as she explains how, despite her reporting on the sex trade for many years, what she thought she would understand by making this podcast changed again and again along the way. Tagouri hands over the mic to people who believe that sex work in America can never be consensual, to people pushed to the edges of society when they started transitioning genders, to sex workers who love their jobs. There’s an interview with Dennis Hof, the now deceased owner of a brothel called Moonlite Bunny Ranch, and tense sound bites of one of his female employees sexually harassing Tagouri. The host travels to Kentucky to explore how and why people use sex work to pay for expensive Opioid addictions. And she tags along with activists who are fighting pending legislation on Capitol Hill. Sold in America doesn’t conclude with answers. But sometimes, the best way to get people talking about something as stigmatised as the sex trade is to simply get it all on the table. Sold in America does just that.”
The Atlantic Review


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