Net4TruthUSA | Inglorious Patriots – JFK Jr Is Still With Us!

John F Kennedy Jr (foto Tumblr)

JFK and JFK Jr (foto Dinar Chronicles)

Final Moments of JFK Jr Flight (foto BBC News)

America’s Prince (foto Blingee)

Who Killed JFK Jr (foto

I am JFK Jr (foto Daily Billboard)

Jon Jon with a Coke (foto Pinterest)

Here is the remarkable Footage That Brings Them To Life (foto Pinterest)

Junior’s Salute (foto Giphy)

John Kennedy Jr (Jon Jon) salutes his father s casket 1963 in Washington (foto Rare Historical Photos)

The best is yet to come (foto Imgflip)

JFK Jr Is Still With Us!

First published at 16:17 UTC on March 26th, 2021.

Stoney Stone and his guest reveal things about Jon Jon’s plane crash at Martha’s Vinyard that nobody has ever heard before. The events and circumstances fit the narrative here, and the empirical proof may be presented to an unbelieving world that has been fed a diet of MainStream Media Cabalist propaganda bullshit ever since the Deep State murdered his father in cold blood on November 22nd 1963, when the Coup d’État REALLY happened.

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