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Treason At The Highest Levels (1)

And yet, here we are. After three years of doing my best to serve the groundswell that is the Patriot movement in the United States, and six total, being on the total warpath for Trump, I must now bring to you what are possibly the most important articles I will ever have to write which will reveal corruption, and contempt for the American people at the highest levels. This will be a three part series, released over the next few hours, so please, pay close attention to everything I’m about to tell you, because the future of the Republic now hangs in the balance.

I also sincerely hope that everyone marching and demonstrating in DC today takes the time to read this and inform everyone around them about this series, as you will not know what to do unless you read them. The information contained within will be that vital, and you must understand it.

But I need to set the stage first. To understand everything I’m about to tell you, we have to go back; back to the fateful night of July 10th, 2016, when the then 27 year old Seth Rich was found with two gunshot wounds in his back in the Bloomingdale neighborhood in DC, near his favorite bar.

Rich would succumb to his wounds shortly thereafter, leading to rampant speculation as to the motive for his murder, and despite his family suing various individuals and corporations along the way, many were still left thinking that Rich was murdered by the the Democratic National Congres and the Clinton Machine for, they speculated, leaking incriminating DNC files to Julian Assange and Wikileaks, eventually causing Hillary Clinton to lose the 2016 election, and to fuel the then nascent Pizzagate investigations, as millions of concerned patriots became aware of just what exactly these leaked emails implied. After much research and deliberation, a large contingent of the community would go on to posit that two MS 13 gang members had been involved in the murder of Seth Rich, acting as guns for hire in a not so random hit. Two potential suspects would turn up dead in a nearby area shortly thereafter; perhaps the result of a kind of clean up job.

So the emails were out in the wild, Hillary would lose, Pizzagate would take off, and Seth Rich would end up dead. That was how this series of events was understood by many, and for many, that’s precisely where it all ended. Many would go on to honor Rich’s memory, but the case was effectively dead and most of the world had moved on.

That is, until today.

Thanks to new whistleblower testimony, a connection has come to light.

A name, in fact:

Joseph Rosati

Joseph Rosati is a Drug Enforcement Agency agent, and according to the whistleblower, someone considered a “cleaner” by higher ups in Washington DC.

According to whistleblower testimony I have now received, Joseph Rosati is, in fact, the man who hired two MS 13 agents to shake down Seth Rich that fateful night. The intention that night, according to the whistleblower, wasn’t to murder Rich, but to scare him into submission and shake him down for a USB key he was supposedly still carrying on his person – perhaps containing even more revelations, and destined for WikiLeaks? Instead, what ended up happening was Rich fought back and then ran when confronted by the armed men, and was subsequently shot in the back by the panicked MS 13 goons.

Rosati was supposedly on the scene, overseeing the whole debacle.

The whistleblower would go on to say that they would take the USB key and flee the scene because they had never intended to kill Rich in the first place, and in a moment of panic, a young man’s life was cut short.

And again, shortly after this, two MS 13 members would turn up dead.

According to this whistleblower, Joseph Rosati was the man responsible for orchestrating all of this.

If there’s any doubt that this man actually exists, his name can be found alongside other DEA agents in a 2010 lawsuit, where he is cited as one of the defendants.

Abdulrazaaq v. Rosati et al

MEMORANDUM OPINION. Signed by Judge Richard D Bennett on 7/19/10. (mcb, Deputy Clerk) Disclaimer: Justia Dockets & Filings provides public litigation records from the federal appellate and district courts. These filings and docket sheets should not be considered findings of fact or liability, nor do they necessarily reflect the view of Justia.

And now the obvious question emerges.

If Joseph Risoti was the one responsible for orchestrating the attack on Seth Rich, and potentially “cleaning up” the two MS 13 agents after the shakedown went south. Who put him up to it?

That’s where things get interesting.

Neon Revolt,

Treason At the Highest Levels (2)

Part two of three. Read the first part here.

If, according to our whistleblower, Joseph Rosati was the one responsible for orchestrating the attack on Seth Rich, and potentially “cleaning up” the two MS13 agents after the shakedown went south, who put him up to it?

What you are about to read is parsed from several hours of leaked testimony I listened through today, via a whistleblower – testimony which is currently under seal in the District Court of Maryland.

This is the court case.

United States v. White

CRIMINAL NO. JKB-15-0545 CIVIL NO. JKB-17-1710 11-09-2017 MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Pending before the Court is Defendant’s Motion to Vacate, Set Aside, or Correct Sentence / Coram Nobis. (Crim. No 15-545, ECF No. 50.) Defendant pled guilty to being a felon in possession of ammunition on April 22, 2016. (ECF No.

And yes, this is the same case Lin Wood referenced on Twitter earlier.

What follows is a summary of the multi hour long testimony of alias Ryan White, delivered and recorded over several months, wherein White claims he was arrested by the very same man who was involved in the murder of Seth Rich, and the subsequent cover up – Joseph Rosati.

White, working as a private investigator himself, had routine contact with several men working inside government agencies, including one Secret Service agent, Shaun Bridges, and another DEA agent, Carl Mark Force.

In his testimony, White would say that Bridges and Force would eventually be arrested on trumped up charges related to bitcoin theft and laundering on the Silk Road darkmarket.

Ex-Secret Service agent sentenced again for stealing from the government

A disgraced former Secret Service agent already serving time for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of digital currency from the federal government has been sentenced to spend an additional two years in prison for a separate heist.

DEA Agent Who Faked a Murder and Took Bitcoins from Silk Road Explains Himself

Carl Mark Force IV was sentenced to 6 1/2 years after abusing his position as a federal officer.

In actuality, according to White, the men were thrown under the bus by Rod Rosenstein, because Rosenstein was actively selling classified intelligence to foreign governments on the side, including Russia – a treasonous act, in and of itself, but doubly damning for someone who was supposed to uphold the law at the Department of Justice. However, as the Trump administration came in, the tenor of DC changed, and Rosenstein became increasingly spooked and nervous. According to White, Rosenstein wanted to stop selling info to foreign governments, but the memo didn’t quite make it all the way over to Bridges, who kept accepting foreign money on Rosenstein’s behalf.

This outraged Rosenstein, who then used his position and connections to lock the men away on charges related to the Silk Road. In other words, Rosenstein went after his own guys who had previously worked with him on various nefarious dealings – Bridges was, in fact, a forensic computer expert known for his ability to run circles around all kinds of electronics, and even, according to White, able to plant evidence on machines – for doing something which displeased Rosenstein, and which would have potentially exposed Rosenstein to legal scrutiny.

And it was from this betrayal by Rosenstein that Bridges started talking to White. White says Bridges spilled to him all the details about the murder of Seth Rich; revelations which shocked, but didn’t surprise White.

I should add here that due to the threats against his life, and the nature of his particular case, both White and his wife are currently in witness protection. Despite these threats, White has chosen to speak out and go on the record in order to shed light on this miscarriage of justice, and potentially help save the Republic.

Much of this and more would be outlined in a letter provided not only to the House Intelligence Committee in 2018 (as part of a larger 920 page document containing reams of investigation into the Rich murder) but which was also provided to Tom Fitton, of Judicial Watch.

Neither anyone on the House Intelligence Committee, nor Mr Fitton, would seem to do anything with the documents they received.

Did you catch that on page 2?

This information indicated that Rod Rosenstein solicited the help of two trusted agents (Rosati & Alan Boroshok) with whom he had worked closely with in the past to organize the operation to retrieve a thumb drive with classified emails always carried by Mr Rich. The emails had been removed from the DNC server by Mr Rich and later sold to WikiLeaks.

I repeat – not a single member of the House Intelligence Committee, nor Tom Fitton, to my knowledge, ever did anything with this information.

Not a single investigation has come about as a result of this information.

Not a single prosecution. Not a single arrest.

No one in the entire government or media did a single thing with the information presented above. Not even supposed “allies” of President Trump.

So the important question to now ask is this: why?

Why did nothing come about from any of this?

Could it be that they were all afraid?

But of whom? Rosenstein?

Rosenstein certainly had a degree of pull within his circle, but that wasn’t of whom they were truly afraid.

No, to answer that question, we have to go much higher up the ladder of power in DC.

Right to the very…

Well, you’ll need to read Part Three to find out.

Treason At the Highest Levels (3)

Part three of three. Read parts one and two.

Cowards in Congress, and across the GOP? Is anyone surprised by this? Sadly, I don’t think so. In a strange way, we’ve almost all come to expect the men and women in congress to collapse and fail us, each and every time. The question isn’t so much “will they fail us?” as much as it is “how badly will they fail us?

In truth, it wasn’t so much Rosenstein everyone was afraid of. No, according to our whistleblower, it was the men behind Rosenstein – a group of men brought together by the sudden, apocalyptic rise of Trump – a group dead set on undermining him – even if it meant waiting for four long years before they could strike.

Rosenstein would go on to shelter Rosati whenever he deemed it necessary. A self serving power player in a high stakes role, with an almost neurotic need to apply “the law” as he saw fit (even as he bent and broke the law himself), Rosenstein actually despised both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. White would say that on Rosenstein’s wall was a display highlighting his Whitewater convictions, and while Rosenstein was glad Hillary lost – even as his own wife continued to work for the Clinton Foundation – he certainly saw no future for Trump in DC.

Therefore, he set about to undermining him even if it meant making a deal with the devil.

According to White, after papering over various Seth Rich related loose ends, Rosenstein would sign off on illegal FISA warrants, in order to entrap the Trump administration in the entire “Russian Collusion” lie.

This we know, but what we haven’t known up until this point was his motivation.

Why would he do this?

Simply put, because he saw Pence as more deserving of “the throne;” someone whom he could work with, with a more even and pragmatic keel, who would probably overlook his treasonous dalliances in selling intelligence to foreign powers, and who wouldn’t let all that messy, antiquated “America First” ideology get in the way of “progress.”

According to recorded testimony from our whistleblower, Rosenstein, together with Mike Pence’s knowledge and consent, went on to help engineer the entire coup attempt against President Trump – in an attempt to oust Trump, and promote Pence to the Presidency, at which point, Pence would turn around and appoint Rod Rosenstein as VP.

Thankfully, Rosenstein failed.

But he almost didn’t.

Rosenstein testifies he would not have signed FISA warrant for Trump aide if he knew of problems

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified Wednesday that he would not have signed a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant renewal for former Trump campaign aide Carter Page had he known about the since-revealed misconduct surrounding those warrants — while faulting the FBI for its handling of the documents.

You ever wonder how Rod got away with perjuring himself so blatantly?

It’s because no one in DC had the will to truly go after him.

No one wanted to go after him because so many knew what was really going on. It was all about putting on a show for you at home and waiting out the Trumpocalypse that had befallen their little town called DC to pass by. The strategy was first to try and wait Trump out. Put on a show about being his ally, but really, you let the opposition run rampant, do whatever they want, hope they succeed, and go back to your successful little political grift, where all you do is put on a show for the CPAC types, and rake in donations and lobbying industry cash.

Worst case scenario – if he failed, well Pence was still in place.

A living insurance policy, of sorts

Sometimes, you want to give someone every chance, and every single benefit of the doubt. You want to believe that goodness can shine through and prevail in them, and that when it comes down to the wire, they will come through and make the right decision. You want to believe in the power of redemption and extend every single opportunity for another to do the right thing.

I wanted this for Mike Pence. I wanted him to do the right thing. It was why I penned my last article, which many of you read and shared online, which highlighted the Constitutionally imbued power of the President of the Senate to choose from among competing slates of electors, in order to preserve the Republic as the last line of defense – a firewall against massive fraud and election theft.

VP’s Rendezvous with Destiny

Sadly, despite being told by my sources in Washington that Pence himself read this article and initially appeared to agree with it, it seems that Pence has decided to back away right as we come to the precipice; that he will refuse to save this Republic, and has in actuality now planning to betray President Trump at this, the final hour.

I always knew this would be an option for Pence. Should he really desire to betray Trump, all he had to do was keep his cards close to his chest, pretend to be an ally, and then flip at the last possible second in order to run out the clock and prevent Trump from being able to respond at all.

This is what’s happening now. This is where we are at – with a man closest to the President, who – according to our whistleblower – secretly agreed to participate in a coup against that very same President, set to determine the fate of that same President, by getting to decide which slates of electors get counted in this, the most fraudulent election to ever take place in the history of this country.

And this is why I must now write the most fateful sentence I have ever dared to write; the kind of sentence I had always hoped to avoid, but in the face of the evidence I now see, and the situation in which we find ourselves, I must write it all the same.

I hereby call for the immediate arrest of Michael Richard Pence, 48th Vice President of the United States, for Treason.

Patriots – you are all in DC today for a reason.

Make it count.

And maybe now this all helps explain why Pence got an envelope, too.

Neon Revolt,

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