Neil Stickland – Help Nella Fight (M) Triple Negative Breast Cancer + Bericht + Update (1) t/m (3) Fenella Let Go Last Night

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Help Nella Fight (M) Triple Negative Breast Cancer

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Hi, My Name is Neil and I am Fundraising for My Sister Fenella (Nella).

In 2018 A Routine Mammogram Showed that she had 2Suspicious Looking Lumps. These Fast Growing Lumps Turned Out to be ARare and Aggressive Type of Cancer Called TripleNegativeBreast Cancer or TNBC. This Type of Cancer has APoor Prognosis, because There are Few Targeted Medicines that Treat TNBC.

Nella had Gruelling ChemoTherapy, Followed by ADouble Mastectomy before Being Given the All Clear after AYear of Treatment. We were All Very Hopeful at This Point and As Soon As she had Regained Her Strength, she began Rebuilding Her Life Again and went Back to Her Passion of Teaching.

Nearly Two Years Later Around Christmas Time she found A New Lump. The Cancer was Back, and It had Now Spread to Her Lungs, Liver and Bones! Getting This New Stage4Diagnosis has been the Worst News Ever and Extremely Hard to Accept after Everything she has Already Been Through.

The Problem with this Type of CancerMeta Static Triple Negative Breast Cancer (mTNBC) – is It is Very Aggressive and There are Very Few Treatments Available. We are Hoping to Raise Enough Funds to Pay to have Scans Done More Quickly, Get Consultations with Specialists, have Vital Operations, and For Chemo Treatments Not Yet Available through the NHS.

It S Not in My Nature to BegorAsk for Help but Please Help Me give My Sister A Glimmer of Hope so that she can Spend as Much Time as Possible with Her Teenage Son.

Thank You!|

We will Post Regular Updates with How we Use Any Money Donated and we will Donate Any Unused Funds to Cancer ResearchUK.

Fenella Stickland with Her Son, the Teide in the Background (foto

Update (1)

16 november 2021 door Neil Stickland, Organisator

The Last Chemotherapy Sessions have had No Effect on the Cancer What So Ever, in Fact It has Almost had the Reverse Effect and Stimulated the Growth of the Tumors. She Started A New Regime and had Some Scans Done, the Results of Which we should be Getting Today. The Results will Determine the Next Course of Therapy. As Mentioned, There are Very Few Options Available on the National Health and so We are Looking To Go Private.
It is as A Result of All Your Generous Donations and Support that Nella has the Option To Go Private Where More Treatments and Support are Available to Her.

Further Updates to Follow.

Update (2)

8 december 2021 door Neil Stickland, Organisator

Fenella has Moved on to A new Chemo Therapy Regime since My Last Update and is Due Some Scans this Week to See If There have been Any Changes.

A Recent MRI Scan Uncovered Yet Another Challenge for Nella to Overcome. Two Sizeable Lesions were Discovered on Her Brain which have been Causing Some Discomfort of Late. These Lesions will be Treated with Radio Therapy Next Week which Hopefully will Provide Some Despite and Reduce the Discomfort.

Further Scans over the Coming Weeks will Provide More Information which I will Share as and When I Get It.

In the Meantime, Look After Your Selves and Thank You All Very Much for Your Kind Support!

With Love,


Update (3) Fenella Let Go Last Night

Vandaag door Neil Stickland, Organisator

It is with A Heavy Heart and Great Sadness that I have to Inform You All that Fenella Let Go Last Night. She Died Very Peacefully and Most Importantly, Painlessly and Without Suffering. I would Like to Take This Opportunity to Thank Each and Every One of You for Your Generous Donations, Your Kind Words and Prayers, and For Being Such Supportive PeopleWithout the Support we would Not Have Been Able to Provide the Level of Care Needed to Keep her Comfortable and Pain Free.With Much Love and Appreciation.
Zoon van Fenella Stickland (foto Facebook)



Neil Stickland


Bury St Edmunds, Bury Saint Edmunds

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Thinking of You and Wishing You Lots of Luck with This XX

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Heartfelt Wishes for A Successful Treatment

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Keep Fighting and Stay Strong – Steve and Ann

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Fenella, I Love You  負けないで!

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All Strength and Blessing to Fenella and her Family.

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I wish I could Do More but I am Facing My Own Battle with Ovarian Cancer. I am Sending Good Vibes and Love to Fenella.

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Keep Fighting, Nella. We Love You!

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Much Love to A Super Cool Super Fun Person. Nella is A Force and Happy to Help with Helping Helping Her spend as Much Time Here Possible.

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