Navarro Report – Anthony Fauci: Father of the “Plandemic” + eugen – DR ANTHONY FAUCI SHOULD BE IN JAIL + NowThis News – Marjorie Taylor Greene and Republicans Discuss Fire Fauci Act

Fauci for Prison (foto Instagram)

Anthony Fauci (foto The New Yorker)

Let’s start with Fauci for Prison (foto eBay)

Anthony Fauci, the Last American Hero (foto The Nation)

This is what the Next Lockdown should look like (foto

Anthony Fauci: The Father of the “Plandemic

First published at 20:45 UTC on April 13th, 2021

Peter Navarro



Published 18 mei 2021

Following a News Report on the Origins of the Corona Virus done by Sharyl Attkisson an American Journalist who is a five time Emmy Award Winner showing the Connections between Anthony Fauci the Director OF NIAID and the Funding for Gain of Function Research done at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
After the News Report Dr Fauci was questioned by Senator Paul Rand about the Founding of the Gain of Function Research and you can see his Answers for yourself.
Dr Anthony Fauci should be in Jail but instead he is the Chief Medical Advisor of the President.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene and House Republicans Discuss Fire Fauci Act


Fauce knew it (foto

Firing Fauci is not going far enough (foto Instagram)

Live gestreamd op 15 jun. 2021


Marjorie Taylor Greene : ‘Fire Fauci Act

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene (Georgia), who has expressed sympathetic Views towards the Qanon Conspiracy Theory and has recently compared a Capitol Hill Mask and Vaccine Mandate to the Atrocities of the Holocaust, holds a Press Conference on HR 2316, the Fire Fauci Act.
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The Bill proposes reducing the Salary for Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to $ 0 and calls for an ‘Audit of the Digital Correspondence, Policy Memoranda, and Financial Transactions’ of the Director’s Office from October 2019 to December 2021. She is joined by other pro Trump Republicans like Republican Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, and Mo Brooks.

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