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After Trump Declares Antifa A Terrorist Organization, the Communist Funded Radical Left Will Turn America Into A Battleground | Here S What Happens Next!

Intelligence analysis from Mike Adams,, now 100% blacklisted by all communist run techno fascist platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google, all of which are working for China to destroy the United States of America. Due to censorship, you will only be able to share this story from the following URL.

Today, President Donald J Trump announced his intention to designate Antifa the radical left wing violence instigators who are heavily involved in the spread of violent rioting across the nation A terrorist organization.

The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as A Terrorist Organization,” he wrote on Twitter, the very platform now run by Communist China that is censoring Trump and the American people while protecting Antifa terrorists and communist operators who are attempting to undermine the United States of America.

As A reminder, for America to be free, techno fascists like Twitter must be completely shut down and their CEO S arrested and charged with treason. That may happen this year (see below)

Following the president S statement, Attorney General Bill Barr followed up with his own affirmation.

The violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly.

According to my sources, the word is going out via DHS that this terrorist designation is A real thing and is about to be put into place. Once in place, it will change everything.

We now put Trump S re election chances, if elections are even held, at four out of five, given that America S reaction against the violence and destruction of the Antifa left wing looters will translate into far more votes for Trump than any Democrat.

Analysis highlights of what happens next

This terrorism” designation is A necessary step for Trump and America to stand up to the lawlessness, violence and property destruction of the radical Left, which is being coordinated and funded by communist forces.

With the designation in place, conservative Media will begin rapidly documenting which left wing news operations, left wing politicians and university professors have either donated money to Antifa or are involved in supporting Antifa operations. All those with ties to Antifa will be designated as aiding and abetting terrorist operations in America. This may, in fact, be A strategy to take down CNN, which is completely run by anti America communists and radical left wing traitors to America.

Once the designation goes live, federal law enforcement agents will shift from their current “backing down” stance to A stand your ground stance.”

This means rioters will be shot in large numbers as they attempt to attack federal buildings, law enforcement infrastructure and officers of the law. This will happen all at once as the Order goes out that law enforcement should begin fighting back instead of abandoning buildings and territory.

The sudden increase in the shooting of left wing rioters and Antifa operators will of course, result in the left wing Media whipping up A second wave of outrage against Trump, and the Media will call for ten times as many protesters to hit the streets and attack government buildings.

Understand that this is exactly what the radical Left wants. An escalation into War, martial law and economic collapse. They are willing to bring America down to avoid Trump winning another term, and there S nothing they won T do to cause total chaos and destruction in the months leading up to the election.

⋅ At this point, America will quickly descend in A state of full blown civil War. In this state, you will see.

Antifa running roadside bombs, EID S, and carrying out targeted assassinations of patriots and political leaders.
Coordinated left wing attacks on key infrastructure, including power substations, to escalate mayhem and collapse.
Brazen attacks against law enforcement officers nationwide, including ambushes set by Antifa terrorists.
Race based violence carried out by the Left, targeting “cisgendered white males,” whom the Left has decided are all Nazis.
Coordinated raids on white owned businesses, white neighborhoods and white business leaders, who will be targeted for kidnap and ransom operations.

⋅ The left wing Media will celebrate Antifa S actions as A revolution against the “military dictatorship” of Trump, as the president will have no choice but to declare martial law and use the National Guard as well as various Military elements to protect America S infrastructure.

At some point in all this, China will activate the narco terrorist cells that have been pre positioned across the USA. These cells, trained by communist China and funded by narco profits, will immediately move to sabotage infrastructure nationwide. Their targets will include the power grid, water supplies, telecommunications, emergency response services, refineries, ocean ports, airports, railways and other transportation infrastructure. America will experience severe outages in power, fuel, telecommunications and other critical services.

The communist run techno fascists (Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Apple, Wikipedia, etc.) are all in with China and will operate in coordination with communist China to undermine America, censor the voices of the American people and attempt to worsen the chaos. At some point, these techno fascists will likely be designated enemy combatants by President Trump, and they will be dealt with by elements of the US Military.

As soon as America reaches “peak weakness,” China will move on Hong Kong and Taiwan. This will evoke A rapid escalation of Military conflict in the South East Asia regions, notably involving US Navy and Air Force resources. Expect to see President Trump (and Pompeo) quickly declare A state of War with China, while establishing A strong Military presence on Taiwan, with aggressive nuclear submarine posturing against China. There will be kinetic conflicts between the US and China in that region.

China will activate its ground assets in Mexico to invade the US Southern border and attempt to occupy Southern states. Near the same time, the United Nations will attempt to occupy the United States with peacekeeping forces that will immediately move to confiscate firearms from the American citizenry. Once this occurs, we will be in A full Militia centric Defense response against invasions by foreign troops on US soil. Many key cities across Southern states like Arizona, California and Texas will be overrun by Communist Chinese troops working in conjunction with narco terrorists. Dave Hodges has written extensively about this topic at

Across the United States, food and fuel shortages will become severe. FEMA camps will be in full operation. Those citizens who failed to stockpile food, ammunition and other emergency supplies during the Corona Virus ID 19 pandemic will quickly find themselves completely dependent on the government for assistance.

At some point during all this, food stamps will stop functioning and the financial transaction system will be hit hard. Once the food stamps stop, the inner cities explode in yet another wave of riots and looting. It S no stretch to say that nearly every retail operation in the inner cities will be looted, destroyed or burned to the ground. There won’t be much left standing.

Once the inner cities have run out of food and supplies, the looting gangs will fan out, heading into the suburbs. There, each community will need to decide for itself whether it wishes to surrender to the looters (this is what Democrats will tend to do), or defend the community with firearms (what Republicans will tend to do). This will result in nationwide blood in the streets fighting, block by block, door to door, with law enforcement practically non existent. National Guard troops will attempt to control key transportation checkpoints to prevent the mobilization of violent rioters, but this will only have A limited effect.

Notably, over two years ago I warned that A scenario was coming in which the cities would be abandoned by law enforcement and Military operators would be deployed at transportation chokepoints to effectively “wall off” the cities. This scenario looks like it will unfold in the months ahead. There aren T enough law enforcement and Guard resources to police every block of every city in America. At some point, troops are simply ordered to abandon the cities and try to prevent the violent rioters from reaching the suburbs.

Obviously, the US economy will suffer another major collapse as this unfolds. That’s the plan of the radical Left. They want maximum economic damage to be inflicted while the nation is held hostage by Big Tech, the Lame Stream Media and Democrat mayors and governors who do nothing to discourage the rioting. Max chaos is the goal

We are urging all citizens to arm up immediately in Order to defend life and property against aggressive Antifa terrorists. Acquire night vision capability (head worn, not mounted on your rifle), and use an infrared designator on your rifle so you can engage targets at night. Prepare A bugout plan if you live in the suburbs. Make sure all your firearms are loaded with expanding rounds. Swap out all batteries of red dot sights, weapons lights and other electronic gear. Lubricate all weapon systems. Prepare chest rigs and ballistic protection if you own them. Acquire and practice with necessary comms equipment to you can communicate with family or neighbors.

Citizens should note that local law enforcement may be your friend in the initial stages of this situation, but in many areas, they will soon come for your firearms as they attempt widespread firearms confiscation in Democrat run areas. We can T tell you the appropriate way to respond to such an effort, other than to say if you give up your rifle, you’re as good as dead anyway once the Antifa terrorists come your way. So you might as well fight to keep your rifle no matter what. Law enforcement would be wise to avoid attempting to take away firearms from the American patriots who are fighting to defend this nation rather than destroy it. The more citizens that are armed, the better chance we have at defeating this attempted communist revolution.

Along those lines, do not forget that if we lose this battle, we lose America. The communists will roll in. China will occupy America, and the first thing they will do is execute all the Leftists who helped them achieve victory, by the way. Fight like your life, your country and your family S future depends on it, because it does.

Once Trump declares A state of War with China – which technically, we know, must be declared by Congress, but nobody is going to wait around for that to happen the China run tech giants will be operating as enemy combatants, committing treason against America. We fully expect Trump to Order the Military or State Department to take decisive action against the tech giants to shut them down or force them to respect the First Amendment. The designation of War with China will allow the President to seek Military police arrests of all corporate leaders who are complicit in cooperating with China, A designated enemy of the United States of America. We want the President to know that we fully support the arrest and prosecution of all the leaders of the techno fascists corporations, as they are deliberately undermining America and working directly for China, against America S interests. This includes Apple, by the way.

It is likely that the November elections will be postponed, as America will be in A state of either civil War or international War with China (perhaps both). This means the impact of the second wave of the coming economic collapse will not be relevant to the November elections if those elections are not taking place on time. America will likely be in A state of war and domestic martial law, with Antifa terrorists running terror operations nationwide. Until the rest of America eliminates all the terrorists, we will never be able to return to peacetime existence and the economic recovery that will follow. So identifying and eliminating all terrorists and communist sympathizers will be the key to real recovery.

President Trump desperately needs our support to defend America and defeat this communist uprising

President Trump has put his neck on the line, laying down the gauntlet against China, Antifa, the tech giants and even the WHO. He is betting that the American people will back him up.

That’s why he needs our show of support. Here S how you can help support the President as he goes to War with the true enemies of America, our Constitution and the future of freedom for We the People.

1) Join counter protests to make A public show of force against the Antifa terrorists and left wing rioters. Do not initiate violence, and do support local law enforcement. Make your presence known.

2) Use alternative online ecosystems to share your pro America messages. These include video sites like and You can also share your views on and various alternative platforms that bypass the censorship of the communist run tech giants like Facebook.

3) Call your representatives in Washington and voice your support for defending America against Antifa, China and Big Tech censorship. Some Senators (like Cruz and Hawley) are fighting for your right to speak, but they need more support.

4) Prepare to defend your communities against Antifa violence, which will greatly accelerate across America. Meet with local law enforcement and coordinate your responses, if possible. The future of America depends on defeating the terrorists.

5) Stockpile supplies so that you can make it through the coming food shortages and infrastructure disruptions without experiencing emergency shortages.

Stay informed. We will continue to cover the riots at and other sites we publish, some of which are not yet banned by Facebook.

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