Natural News | Health Ranger | Mike Adams – Situation Update: Vaccine Death Wave Now Unstoppable! 122 Million Americans Join Fatal Medical Experiment! April 14th, 2021

Vaccine Death Wave Now Unstoppable! 122 Million Americans Join Fatal Medical Experiment! (foto Before It’s News)

Situation Update: Vaccine Death Wave Now Unstoppable! 122 Million Americans Join Fatal Medical Experiment! April 14th, 2021

A board certified pathologist is speaking out about the underlying cause of Corona Virus hospitalizations and deaths. Dr Ryan Cole is the founder of Cole Diagnostics, one of the largest independent laboratories in Idaho. He has studied the real reasons why people suffer from infections. Vitamin D deficiency, which plagues approximately 70 percent of the world’s population, is the real public health issue at hand.

Normal Vitamine D levels decrease your Corona Virus symptom severity risk for hospitalization by 90 percent. There have been a lot of placebo controlled trials that show this all around the world. It is scientific fact, not just a correlation,” said Dr. Cole. “Data shows what kills people. Cytokine Storm. If you are in (Vitamin D) mid level range, you will not die from Corona Virus because you cannot get a Cytokine Storm.”

Vitamin D deficiency (and Coroa Virus severity) is prevalent for these groups of people

Some specific groups have more Vitamin D deficiency than other people.

African Americans and people with dark skin

Vitamin D deficiency is disproportionate among different races and ethnicity. The Melanin content of the skin is a determining factor for how well people absorb the sun’s rays, leading to varying levels of Vitamin D production within the skin. Vitamin D deficiency affects roughly 47 percent of Caucasians, 70 percent of Latinos, 72 percent of Native Americans and 83 percent of African Americans. Corona Virus 19 has adversely affected African Americans because their skin is not adept to assimilate Vitamin D efficiently. This is not a social disparity, as the media advertises. This is a biological issue, one that should prompt every Health Authority to encourage the African American community to get more sunlight and supplement with Vitamin D during the winter months.

Obesity and old age

Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent for people who are obese, which is one of the other risk categories for severe Corona Virus illness. Because Vitamin D is a fat- soluble Vitamin, it is readily stored in fat cells. Circulating Vitamin D levels are higher in people who have a healthy weight.

Vitamin D levels are low for elderly people who live a sedentary life or for those who are confined to a dark nursing home environment. “Ninety percent of deaths in the state have been over 70 years of age. That’s the at risk population,” said Dr Cole. “We have stopped our society for something that’s taking people that are already at that death risk age anyway.” He added, “96 percent of people in the ICU are Vitamin D deficient.”

People living in the Northern Hemisphere

Vitamin D deficiency also affects more people in the Northern Hemisphere because these populations typically spend less time in the sun. One reason hospitalization will remain high in the North is because people spend more of their time indoors, avoiding the long cold winters and staying away from the sunlight.

Florida, despite its high density, aging population, continues to handle Corona Virus 19 more effectively than all the Northern states that are locked down, holding people in bondage. Even though Florida has been criticized for being a free and open state, the population was able to have a lower hospitalization and mortality rate because the people have more access to sunlight throughout the year. The warm temperatures are an opportunity for people to get more sun and have a stronger immune system naturally. The spread of Viruses is of little concern if healthy people are overcoming the infection more rapidly, as their immune systems become equipped with higher Vitamin D levels.

Public Health Authorities are taking the wrong approach to public health

No one is entitled to live in a Virus safe space, nor is this avoidance approach the most effective and safe approach for overcoming infectious disease. Raising the Vitamin D level of people and encouraging exposure could more rapidly help the population overcome the Virus. The inevitability of Virus exposure is not something anyone can completely control anyway. Public Health Authorities haven taken the wrong approach to public health by restricting, socially ostracizing, and shaming people for spreading infections they do not have, for which there is no evidence, for which no Viral load exists in their body. People with normal Vitamin D levels overcome the infection and gain immunity.

No one can vaccinate their way out of a Vitamin D deficiency. If Vitamin D deficiency was adequately addressed, then the demand for vaccines would be nil. The science of Vitamin D is often ignored because vaccines need to be profited from and worshiped as the end-all, holy grail of science. Anything else that is more helpful to the body is suppressed and censored to coerce submission to a false savior (vaccines) that carries their own set of risks. There’s no vitamin D mandate, no vitamin D passport system, and no distribution of vitamin D across the country, even though clinical and hospital settings are having tremendous success treating deficiencies and helping patients recover from infection.


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News article “Scientists Describe How 1918 Influenza Virus Sample Was Exhumed In Alaska
News article “Ancient never before seen Viruses discovered locked up in Tibetan glacier
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Another Situationy Update from Monkey, Mikey (my apologies to the Monkey)
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Apr 14, 2021, 4:58 PM

CNN is complete evil – they are complicit in the overthrow of the USA!! Same with FOX News!! MSNBC The NFL MLB vNBA same bag of trash!!
Apr 14, 2021, 5:26 PM

The Watcher
Apr 14, 2021, 8:27 PM

My wife took the vaccine and fell ill the next day. We are going to get some Vitamin D supplements and she is going to refuse the second dose. I had doubts about it from the start, so I will not accept the vaccine until further testing is done and it is proven safe. Thank you for posting this article.
Apr 14, 2021, 11:51 PM

Tamohara dasa
Do not go to brighteon or any of the sites moderated by disqus which is the single most oppressive censor online. They abuse nonchristians as well, hide reality, Mike speaks well, but is ignorant as anything, a brainwasher.
Apr 15, 2021, 6:12 AM

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CNN Staffer EXPOSED Celebrating Corona Virus Deaths For Ratings In New Project Veritas Report

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