National Library of Medicine – Frigid Wife (1972)

Frigid Wife (1972)

Published 6 jun 2022

National Library of Medicine

The Purpose of this Presentation is to Present A Sexual Counseling Interview with the Goal of “increasing your Powers of Observation in Counseling Skills.” This Objective is achieved with the Aid of an Accompanying Booklet, A Clinical Subject, the Therapist and Dr Lief, the Director of the Center for Study of Sex Education in Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. The Program notes that the Type of Problem presented by the Patient in this Interview is One which is Frequently Encountered by Physicians and Counselors. In this Presentation the Patient is Presented in A Twenty Minute Interview conducted by Dr Reed, the Therapist. She is Twenty Five years of Age, Married for Four Years and has Two Children. She appears Anxious and Tense as she discusses the Problem which has caused her to Seek Professional Help; she believes that she may be “Frigid.” Under Skillful Questioning she describes Incidents which have occurred Lately in her Marriage which have Led to this Conclusion and explores with Dr Reed her Relationship with her Parents, her Sexual Education and her Courtship, Honeymoon and First Years of Married Life, and Current Problems in her Marriage which have Contributed to the Problem. Dr Reed First assures her that she is Not “Frigid” but does have Some Sex Dysfunction and then summarizes the Interview with the Patient. The Viewer is Challenged to Compare his Observations with those of the Authors and then is Asked to Observe Certain Aspects of Interview Tactics and Interaction during the Replay Analysis. These Aspects include the Rapport Established; the Appraisal Made of Nonverbal Behavior, of Interaction and of Coping Patterns; and the Therapeutic Responses which include the Education of the Patient, the Reduction of her Tension and the Motivation for Change. Filmed by University of Pennsylvania and Ortho Pharmaceuticals.Learn More about this Film and Search its Transcript at NLM Digital Collections

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