Mukhi Mindset – The Great Conjunction, December 21st

The Great Conjunction (foto Twitter)

Mukhi Mindset @MukhiMindset

COVID 19 is the big Coverup for the Great Conjunction.

Jupiter is telling Saturn it’s time for Growth and Expansion, time to let go of the old.

Because of this, the whole planet is Ascending into the 5th Dimension of Love and Peace.

That’s why COVID came to lock you down & trapped in 3D.

Covid 19 Roadmap (foto Twitter)

Higher Vibration (foto Twitter)

Twitter, 3 dec. 2020 · 3:31 AM

Mukhi Mindset @MukhiMindset

Jupiter’s effect on humanity is that it represents Growth, Expansion, Elevation, & Moving into the NEW paradigm

Saturn is the God of Time, Agriculture, Illusions, in other words, the God Of The Matrix

My friend @NickHintonn talks a lot about The Saturn Clan & it’s rule over us.

Douglas D Hinton – The Saturn Time Cube Simulation (foto Twitter)

Twitter, 3 dec. 2020 · 3:31 AM

Mukhi Mindset @MukhiMindset

Jupiter & Saturn are going to be 0.1 Degrees apart from each other

We are going to be able to see this event on Dec 21st, we can already see how close they are.

And when the day come, we may be in for a surprise visit from what the ancients believed to be known as Nibiru.

Niburu (foto Twitter)

Twitter, 3 dec. 2020 · 3:31 AM

Mukhi Mindset @MukhiMindset

This only happens ONCE in a Lifetime

Remember that the Cosmos Governs Everything

Millionaires don’t study Astrology, BILLIONAIRES do
JP Morgan

They’re smart enough to realize that whatever happens with the Stars will affect what happens on Earth

As Above, So Below.

Twitter, 3 dec. 2020 · 3:31 AM

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