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Not One but two Aussie Dishes were used (gif The Conversation)

Australia Enslaved and the Plan for the World

First published at February 4, 2022

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0.00:00 Australia Is Not Free
0.07:42 Rockefeller Foundation S Future ScenarioLock Step”, Released In 2010
0.12:43 Doctor Reveals The Dangers Of Wearing Masks
0.23:46 Former Vice President At Pfizer Speaks Out
0.26:08 Blood ClotsVaccineInjuries
0.30:34 ForcedVaccinations” In Australia
0.32:12 The “CovidCamps and Hotel Quarantine Nightmares
1:00:25 Why Australia Is Becoming A Prison Colony Again
1:06:48 More “VaccineInjuries And Deaths
1:11:41 Funeral Director Sounds The AlarmYou Will Die If You Keep Taking These Jabs
1:23:40 Doctors Aad Nurses Expose The “Vaccine” Deaths (1)
1:33:17 When the Police Start Showing Up at Your Door
1:38:26 No More Privacy! Australia Passes “Surveillance Legislation Amendment Identify and Disrupt Bill 2020
1:43:16 The “Covid 19 VirusLies
1:51:49 Pfizer Is Truly Evil and Their Connections to the Occult
2:01:48 Caught on Camera Blood Clots Caused by the PfizerVaccine
2:11:50 How The WHO Changed the “PandemicDefinition In 2009, They can Now declare APandemic” with Zero Deaths
2:21:01 Why Some “Vaccinated” Are Injured, Dying And Others Are Not, It S All Planned
2:25:25Choose Your Poison”, Says “COVID Commander” of Victoria
2:29:52 Doctors And Nurses Expose the “VaccineDeaths (2)
2:44:22Lock, Stock and Barrel” against the Unvaccinated
2:47:17 Australian StatePremiers” Trying to Out Tyrant Each Other
2:52:59The Great Reset” And “Build Back BetterAgendas Exposed
3:01:08 The Unvaccinated Will Be “Locked Out” From Society
3:08:33 Australia Purchased 7 Years Worth of Vaccines, 2 Doses per Person Every 6 Months
3:10:14 The Omicron Hoax
3:16:39 The PCR Test Fraud hat S Driving Up Covid HoaxCases
3:22:11Life for The Unvaccinated Will Be Very Difficult Indefinitely
3:33:05 The Sinister Reason Behind Forced Face Mask Wearing
3:46:39 World Economic Forum FounderWe Have To Prepare For A More Angry World
3:58:50 New Zealand Has It S Own Little Dictator
4:04:25Covid” Tyranny In Canada
4:10:00CovidTyranny In The United Kingdom
4:17:15  “CovidTyranny In Other European Countries
4:21:18CovidTyranny In Asia, Latin America, Africa, et cetera.
4:27:27 Why Some Places Have Relaxed or Removed their “Covid Rules” “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
4:28:01Doctor” Fauci In 2017. Prepare For ASurprise Outbreak” under Donald Trump S Presidency
4:29:48 Americans Punished for Not Wearing A Mask or for Being Unvaccinated
4:40:45 The American “CovidTyranny in Chronological Order
4:53:13Welcome To Day 367 Of 15 Days to Slow The Spread
5:01:19 Man who Lived Under Communism gives A Dire Warning about “CovidMandates
5:04:49 Joe Biden SVaccinators
5:07:53 The Real Reason Surgical Doctors Wear Face Masks
5:10:09Human Beings Do Well when They Have Carrot and Stick
5:15:14 Double StandardsRules For Thee, Not For Me
5:20:12 The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic Hoax
5:27:43 Bill Gates’ Event 201Corona Virus Pandemic Exercise”, 2019
5:38:10 Bill Gates is an Eugenicist who wants To Reduce the World S Population
5:53:57 The Dark History Of Rockefeller
5:57:04 Bill Gates On “Pandemic (2)” “That Will Get Attention This Time
5:58:46 Dark WinterPandemic Exercise”, 2001
6:02:52 Atlantic StormBio Terrorism Exercise”, 2005
6:05:51 Clade XPandemic Exercise”, 2018
6:06:37 SPARS 2025 – 2028Pandemic Exercise”, 2017
6:15:57 Why Almost All Countries omposed “CovidLock Downs on Lock Step
6:18:01 Unmasking the Plans of the World Economic Forum
6:21:16 The United Nations Announces the New World Order





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