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  • The Global Alliance of different Nations’ Military was in Full Throttle, Obliteration mode.
  • It was estimated that the “Great Reveal Mass Military Action would happen sometime between Now and Sat 30 July.
  • Deductive Reasoning suggested that one of two Major Outcomes would happen just before this Great Reveal
  • (1) Either The Alliance will see to it the US Supreme Court determines the 2020 Presidential Election to be Invalid, thereby paving the way for the Return of President Trump, or
  • (2) The January 6th Congressional Committee will seek to have President Trump Arrested and Charged with inciting A Riot, et cetera. Whichever the Case, either one will Certainly generate Enough Emotional Chaos among the Worldwide Population to warrant Military Intervention.
  • That Military Action would likely include Worldwide Martial Law, along with Launch of the Emergency Broadcast System and Ten Day Lockdown of the world Economy while Eight Hour Documentary VBroadcast played 24/7 to inform the General Public of Reasons for Mass Arrests.

10 Days of Darkness | 10 Days of Enlightenment

First published at 13:38 UTC on July 23rd, 2022

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10 Days of Darkness – 10 Days of Enlightenment


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