Moconomy – The Global Art Market, Power Structures, Christie’s Auction

The Global Art Market, Power Structures, Christie’s Auction

Published June 30, 2024, 20:35

Lod Mer

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Lod Mer

The Global Art Market

Moconomy dives into the Mechanisms of the Global Art Industry from the Perspective of the German Art Market.

The Global Art Market (2024)

Creative Producer J Vorkefeld
Interviews Daniel von Schacky, Amelie von Wedel, Zoe Miller, Konstanze Wolter, Teresa Monfared, Dirk Boll
Genre Documentary
Country Germany
Language English


The Global Art Market is Worth 67.8 Billion Dollars. An Eco System of Extremes, Characterised by Profound Power Structures. A Glamorous Marketplace of Vanity, Myth and Hipness in the Hands of A Few Influential Players. Behind the Glittering Facade, Inequality and Competition Reign Supreme. Industrialisation has Been Taking Place since the 1990‘s.This has Accelerated the Art Trade and Globalised Collective Taste, but the Art Market Itself Remains Largely Opaque, but Why? How does the Global Art Market Work? Who sets the Prices? How Do the Auction Houses and Galleries Operate? Why Do the Super Rich Invest in Art, What do Artists Really Get in the End, and How does the Internet Influence the Art Trade?

Moconomy Takes A Look from the German Art Market into the Mechanisms of the Global Art Industry.

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