Mind Boggler – Why Dubai Has $ 14,000,000,000 Empty Man Made Islands! + Strange Things Humans Were Never Meant To See

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Why Dubai Has $ 14,000,000,000 Empty Man Made Islands!

Gepubliceerd 17 dec. 2021

Mind Boggler

The City of Life, Dubai, is well known for its Technology and Innovation, and the same City is a Great Source of Disappointment when it comes to the World’s Island.
Recently the World’s Islands were a part of Hot Discussions all around simply because they were Unique.
Everyone everywhere seemed to be talking about these. Even the Advertisements were full of these unique islands and what they had to offer to investors and potential clients.
People haven’t seen anything constructed like that before, and you could see these islands advertised almost everywhere.
But sadly, the awe-inspiring landmarks remained abandoned, forgotten, and slowly turning into a vanished sight.
With no signs of life found on these islands, they gradually became a memory.
Not to mention Dubai drowned 14 billion dollars in this project that now lies buried, lost, and unremembered.
What actually happened? Why did such an iconic landmark fail? What went wrong, and can anything be changed now?

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Strange Things Humans Were Never Meant To See

Gepubliceerd 16 dec. 2021

Mind Boggler

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Our Universe is no doubt the most happening place in this Galaxy. While we do pay attention to some of the Extraordinary Things most of them go Completely unnoticed. But there’s nothing we can do about it as timing and Location are crucial and its just not possible for us to be at All the Places where Incredible Events are Unfolding. These may vary from Developing Global Landscapes to the Deceptions or maybe the Art of War. Well, today we will acquaint you with the 15 Unbelievable Things Humans were Never Meant to See.

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