Mind Boggler – Strange Things Discovered In Africa What No One Was Supposed to See

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Strange Things Discovered in Africa What No One was Supposed to See

Published Oct. 18, 2022, 2022

Mind Boggle

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Though Africa is considered the Poorest Continent in the World but it is the Second Largest Continent based on Both Landmass and Population. It has 54 Countries that are Fully Recognized by the United Nations. People in the African Continent speak about 2.000 Different Languages. Some of Them have Different Dialects. Historically, At One Stage the African Continent was Termed the Mother of Mankind or the Garden of Eden. Its Diverse and Rich Culture, Africa is Also Home Some Incredibly Strange and Bizarre Things, Most People around the World are Unaware of Including the Ancient Bones of Ples and Homo Naledi.


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