Military News – Horrible Fight | Huge number of F35’s against China Troops in South China Sea, June 11, 2021

Horrible Fight | Huge Number of F35’s against China Troops in South China Sea (foto YouTube)

Horrible Fight | Huge Number of F35’s against China Troops in South China Sea, June 11, 2021

Published 10 jun. 2021

Horrible Fight, June 11 2021

Huge Number of F35’s against China Troops in South China Sea

They are at the Cutting Edge of America’s Elite Stealth Jet Technology, capable of seamlessly connecting Pilots for Co Ordinated Missions.

And now Singapore wants to become the Fourth Country to enmesh US F35 Warplanes above and around the South China Sea – a Move likely to be greeted with Trepidation in Beijing.
In a Speech before Parliament last week, Singaporean Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen announced a Plan to buy up to 12 F35 Warplanes from the US. If the Deal goes through, Singapore will become the Fourth American Ally in the Pacific to own them.

The Purchase would require US Congressional Approval, but Ng said that both the Trump Administration and the Pentagon favoured the Deal. “Next Generation Singapore Armed Forces will be More Lethal in All Domains,” read a Graphic shown to Legislators during the Defense Minister’s Presentation. It showed Dozens of Pieces of Military Hardware Singapore plans to have in its Arsenal by 2030 as it ramps up its Defense Capabilities.

The US Stealth Fighters are the Crown Jewel on the List. The Pentagon touts the F35, with the World’s Most Advanced Avionics, Engines and Weaponry, as the “The Most Affordable, Lethal, Supportable and Survivable Aircraft ever to be used.” In a Statement Singapore’s Ministry of Defense said that the Aquisition of F35’s was for its own , and not directed against or to align itself with Any Particular Country. It described the Suggestion that Singapore was a Close and Long Time US Ally as erroneous.
Unlike other Asian Countries who have acquired F35‘s, Singapore is not a Treaty Ally of the US. While Singapore has allowed US Ships and Aircraft Usage of some of our Military Facilities, this is Not a Reaction to any recent Developments. It is a Long Standing Arrangement Dating back to 1990,” said the Ministry of Defense.

Singapore’s Defense Policies are predicated on an Inclusive Security Architecture, as exemplified by the ASEAN Defence Ministers’ MeetingDMM) Plus which consists of all ten ASEAN Countries and eight Plus Countries, namely Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, Russia and the US.”
But Analysts say the Country’s Decision to acquire F35 Technology is indicative of growing Concerns within Asia regarding China’s Regional Ambitions.
Singapore probably does not trust China’s Assurances that its South China Sea Claims are benign, without Military Intentions and will not result in China taking Control of Air and Sea Commerce,” said Carl Schuster, a former Director of Operations at the US Pacific Command’s Joint Intelligence Center.
Singapore sits on the Western Approaches to the South China Sea. China has claimed almost the entire 1.3 Million Square Mile South China Sea as its Souvereign Territory. It has aggressively asserted it’s stake in recent years in the Face of Conflicting Claims from several Southeast Asian Nations, building up and fortifying Islands in the Spratly and Paracel Chains.The US has steadfastly contested those Claims, sending Warships on Freedom of Navigation Operations near the Islands and regularly Flying Reconnaissance and sometimes Bomber Flights over the South China Sea.
When it acquires the F35‘s, Singapore will join US Allies Australia, Japan and South Korea in operating the Jets in the Pacific. The US also has F35’s based in Japan, and they can operate off US Navy Ships moving through the Region. Even the United Kingdom said earlier this year it would send an Aircraft Carrier with F35’s into the Region in 2020.
US Officials have previously dismissed the Idea they are pursuing a Cold War or Containment Policy in regards to China in the Pacific, but Singapore’s Decision to join the List of F35 Capable Countries risks strengthening that Divide between the US and China.
Beijing should see in this Development Evidence that there remains strong Demand in the Asia Pacific Region for a US Presence,” said Timothy Heath, Senior Defense Analyst at the RAND Corporation.

The Network of Air Forces that employ the F35 expands the Possibility that these Militaries could work together in a Coalition if necessary. This Development can provide a robust Deterrence Message to China regarding its Behaviour in the South and East China Seas,” Heath said.



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