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Liberating The Netherlands: A Remarkable Restoration

In première gegaan op 30 apr. 2022


The Dutch Town of Zutphen in the East of The Netherlands was Liberated from the German Occupiers on 6th of April 1945 by the 3rd Canadean Infantery Divisie. It took Great Effort to take the Town with Many House by House Combats. This Film shows How the Canadeans enter the Damaged City, How the Local Population celebrates Their Liberation and How Collaborators are Treated.

For More Details Please Listen to the Spoken Commentary under this Video.
To Enhance this Film a New Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software Engine was Used Which gives Even Better Results than Before!

A Lot of Footage has Now Approached HD 1080p Ouality.

Music Howard Harper Barnes
Source Beeld en Geluid.

De Stad Zutphen in het Oosten van Nederland werd op 6 april 1945 door de 3e Canadese Infanterie Divisie Bevrijd van de Duitse Bezetters. Het kostte Veel Moeite om de Stad in te Nemen met Veel Huis aan Huis Gevechten. Deze Film laat zien Hoe de Canadeeërs de Beschadigde Stad binnen trekken, Hoe de Lokale Bevolking hun Bevrijding viert en Hoe Collaborateurs worden Behandeld.

Luister voor Veel Meer Informatie naar het Gesproken Commentaar onder deze Video.

Aan Gezien wij Veel Meer Buitenlandse Kijkers dan Nederlandse hebben is Dit Maal Gekozen voor Commentaar Uitsluitend in het Engels

Om deze Film te Verbeteren is Nieuwe Artificiële Intelligentie (AI) Soft Ware gebruikt, die Nog Betere Resultaten geeft dan Voor Heen!

Veel Beeld Materiaal nadert Nu HD 1080p Kwaliteit
Muziek Howard Harper Barnes
Bron Beeld en Geluid.


A Series of Remarkable Films documenting the Liberation of the Netherlands in 1945 has Appeared on YouTube over the Past Two Weeks. The Videos have been Published by Rick88888888, A Dutch Film Restorer who has Digitally Enhanced and Colourized the Original Footage. The Quality is Outstanding and in Some Cases is HD Quality () Resolution So Good that it may be Possible to Identify Soldiers Documented in these Films.

The Easiest Way to View the Videos is by Checking Out Rick’s “Liberation of the Netherlands in 1945Play List.

All of the Videos Below include English Narration and Many are Proceeded by Dutch Narration As Well. Here is a Summary of the Liberation Videos.


All show Canadian Units unless Otherwise Specified.


Maastricht, 12 September 1944


Nijmegen, September 17 – 20, 1944 (British 2nd Army and US Para Troopers)


Venlo, March 1, 1945 (Food Flying Service)


Zutphen – April 6, 1945

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Deventer, April 10, 1945


Apeldoorn, April 17, 1945


Haarlem, May 8, 1945


The Hague, May 8, 1945


Rotterdam, May 8, 1945


Amsterdam, May 8, 1945



I recommend you Watch Every Video However One of my Favourites is the Liberation of Zutphen which includes Amazing Footage of Canadian Soldiers Hunkering Down in an Observation Post and Entering the Town on Foot, by Truck and on Motorcycle. I also Enjoyed the Film Documenting the Food Flying Service in Venlo as the Quality of the Restoration is Truly Remarkable, So Good in Fact that It was Released in 4K at 60 Frames per Second.
I’d also like to Draw your Attention to the brief Video EntitledDe Bevrijding van Nederland: Viering van de Tweede Doden Herdenking in 1947 in Kleur! [AI Enhanced]“. The Last Minute of the Film shows the Commemoration of the Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery on May 5, 1947.


There is No English Narration

De Bevrijding van Nederland: Viering van de Tweede Doden Herdenking in 1947


If you Enjoyed Rick’s Videos Please Click his YouTubeLikeButton and consider Commenting and or even Subscribing to his Channel. I’ve been A Subscriber since Last Year. He has Hinted that There may be More Films Next Year so your Feedback could Help Make This Happen.

Last but Not Least, if you Recognize your Soldier in One of these Videos Please be Sure to Let me Know as I may Create a Page Dedicated to Those that have been Identified.

Military and Family Stories, May 6, 2022

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