Michiel Lieuwma – Open Geesten: Houellebecq versus KIRAC (8) Michiel Lieuwma | The Podcaster (English Subs)

Open Geesten: Houellebecq versus KIRAC (8) Michiel Lieuwma | The Podcaster (English Subs)

Gepubliceerd 30 mei 2023

Michiel Lieuwma

Guest Michiel Lieuwma

Last Week, the Judge Finally Issued A Ruling on the Matter of Houellebecq versus KIRAC, Keeping It Real Art Critics. This Verdict was Completely Unexpected to Me. I was Overwhelmed by A Vague Sense of Doom All Afternoon. Perhaps I was Too Involved with the Case After Speaking with All Sorts of People Involved. But Maybe Something Else is Going On. I Decided to Drive to the Studio of Jasper Djosa Cremers.

He Always Edits my Audio, and with Him, I Regularly have Lengthy Discussions about the Episodes of the Show. He might Be the Right Person with whom I can Explore these Dark Feelings. About the Series Houellebecq versus KIRAC. In This Special Series I Want to Report on the Lawsuit between Michel Houellebecq On One Side and KIRAC, or Keeping It Real Art Critics, On the Other Side. Leading Up to the Judge’s Verdict in about Four Weeks, I Want to Talk to Various Directly Involved Parties, In the Lawsuit and In the Making Process of KIRAC’s Film, the Film about Houellebecq, the Film that Houellebecq Wants to Ban.

Audio Jasper Cremers
Camera Thomas de Boer, Sebastiaan Verbeeten & Just van Westen
Special Thanks to Gerechtshof Amsterdam, Melissa Zijlstra, Ron van Leeuwen, Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm, Levina van Winden, Jini van Rooijen, Isa Moleman, Forrest Muelrath, Philip van den Hurk, Stefan Ruitenbeek, Kate Sinha, Josha Sietsma, Sietske’s Pottery & Cartoon Box Animations Support

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