Michael Oswald – The System of Money | Money Creation Explained (2012) (Documentary)

The System of Money | Money Creation Explained (2012) (Documentary)

Published 2 okt. 2022


The System of Money

This Film presents Serious Research and Verifiable Evidence on our Economic and Financial System

The System of Money (2012)

Director Michael Oswald
Writers Mike Horwath, Michael Oswald
Stars Ben Dyson, Anne Belsey, Noel Longhurst
Genre Documentary
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Release d
Date 1 May 2012 UK
Filming Location London, England, UK


97% Owned present Serious Research and Verifiable Evidence on our Economic and Financial System. This is the  First Documentary to tackle this Issue from a UK Perspective and explains the Inner Workings of Central Banks and the Money Creation Process. When Money drives Almost All Activity on the Planet, it’s Essential that we understand it. Yet Simple Questions Often get Overlooked, Questions like; where does Money come from? Who creates it? Who decides How it gets Used? what does this mean for the Millions of Ordinary People who suffer when the Monetary, and Financial System, breaks Down?

Produced by Queuepolitely and featuring Ben Dyson of Positive Money, Josh Ryan-Collins of The New Economics Foundation, Ann Pettifor, theHBOS Whistleblower” Paul Moore, Simon Dixon of Bank to the Future and Nick Dearden from the Jubliee Debt Campaign.


Simple Facts described in a Plain and Simple Manner : the Building Stone of Economy is How Money is Created. And, Most Importantly, Debt is Explaine, that there is No Economy without out Debt. Debt is Core. It’s all about the Control of Debt, and Who “Owns” Debts.

As is, Debt is as Important a Concept, as Creation of Money is. This is Not at All about Some 3% of Coin and Paper Money in the System, it’s Essentially about Some 97++% of ‘Virtual’ Money being send Back and Fro. And about a Specific Type of Money that Only exsists and can be Used with, For Instance, the Bank of England, and Nowhere Else.

A Cpmplicated System which Evolved from Simple Facts when Law decided to Forbid Private Banks to Issue their Own Paper and Coin Money in the 19th Century.

But then Somehow, and it’s Not A Mystery, P:rivate Banks Still keep on Issuing Money (Tho Not their oOn Paper and Voin Motes)

And that is, in Essence, what this Doumentary is about the How, When and Why.

A Must Watch, to Ce Honest and a 10 Star Docu if Only the Female Narrator’s Voice would Not have been Mixed in in Such A Shallow Manner, often Too Hard to Grasp,  A Pity. It deserves A Clear Firm Straight Sound Given that the Documentary itself is Profoundly Clear.”
Written by Artist on IMDb

Also Known As AKA
Original Title 97% Owned
Canada English Title 97% Owned
Romania Unde Sunt Banii?
UK 97% Owned


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