Mess algeria @MessHana1 – Justice for Cameron Herrin

Cameron Herrin 24 Years in Prison (foto Twitter)

Mess algeria @MessHana1 (foto Twitter)

Justice for Cameron (1) (foto Twitter)

Cameron Herrin 24 Years in Prison (foto Twitter)

Justice for Cameron (2) (foto Twitter)

Cameron Herrin 24 Years in Prison (foto Twitter)

Cameron Herrin 24 Years in Prison (foto Twitter)

Cameron Herrin 24 Years in Prison (foto Twitter)

Justice for Cameron (3) (foto Twitter)

Cameron Herrin 24 Years in Prison (foto Twitter)

Justice for Cameron Herrin

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  1. He’s just a human , and we can all make mistakes, but Cameron was more fair than us and he didn’t get away with it, but he didn’t get justice and he deserved us to defend him.

  2. I hope Cameron gets justice

  3. We are asking for justice in this case! He didn’t do that on purpose,it wasn’t something premeditated it was an accident that maybe he didn’t even dream about! He is also a victim of irresponsibility of crossing the street! This young boy is innocent and deserve a second chance ,It’s easy to be mean but we must think that he didn’t get in the car with the idea of killing someone,it’s clear to see that in his eyes! They don’t deserve that pain!

  4. These facts must be known to the residents of the area and the press of the state of Florida well, the court session was full of chaos and injustice, and the testimony of the officer was not taken into account, and there is really no conclusive evidence of speed and street racing except that it is a forced confession due to pressure Because of his illness, he has to separate from reality, this young man has been subjected to injustice that will never be forgiven .

  5. Is it reasonable to punish him for an inadvertent mistake with a penalty of twice his age! You’re killing him slowly! That’s not fair!

  6. What does a person do if the judge who should show fairness is unjust! I pity those whose fate will be in the hands of Judge Christopher Nash :(

  7. We all make mistakes and deserve a second chance to correct them. I knom very well is there A mother and child lost their lives, but Cameron didn’t mean it

  8. That’s too bad. Justice for Cameron.

  9. I feel so sorry for him. Oh God justice for him

  10. I feel so sorry for him I hope he gets justice #cameronherrin

  11. We are from the whole world support Cameron and we will never abandon his case. We are sure of his innocence. It is just a traffic accident. everyday, about a million accidents happen. Is everyone going 24 years to jail? He was treated as if he meant to kill someone, but in fact he is just a young man in the prime of his life who was going to the gym that morning and then because of his friend’s mistake he went to prison for 24 years. Is this reasonable ?because of his friend who only took 6 years and testified against him There are many evidences that exonerate him, which made us make sure that it was a conspiracy against him in which everyone participated, even his lawyer, but we will not give up cause it’s our pain and we will still with him until he takes his freedom

  12. He should get justice.. he was not in a race at the time of the accident

  13. Cameron suffered injustice, and they ignored all the mistakes of others in the case, they carried Cameron all this alone? Why do you keep ignoring this injustice that he has been subjected to We are here for Cameron We are Cameron’s voice We will put an end to this injustice Everyone makes unintended mistakes But from the first mistake you will destroy human life Is this justice?

  14. We all demand justice for Cameron Herrin

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