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Why You Should Really Resist, and Do So Now, Out of Uncivil Disobedience!

There is A Lot Going On in The Netherlands. And I am Not Talking about the Soap Opera of the Day like Rumblings in D66 or Johan Derksen who goes into the Candle Business. Nor am I Talking about the Latest Perils of Soap Stars or Football Wives or Other Pulp that the Media Distracts you with. No, I am Talking about Artificial Inflation created by Shortages Hidden behind War, Drought or A Chicken Virus and the Digital Panopticon in the Making.

Minister Voldemort Ernst Kuipers is Busy Wrapping Up the Ever Extended Temporary Corona Legislation. You have Not been Told about this Tacit Extension; that is Why It is calledTacit‘. It was Just Re Approved and Rushed through the Chambers. You were Distracted in the Meantime with Cancel Culture Riots.

The New Permanent Form will be Included as an Amendment to the Public Health Act (Wet Publieke Gezondheid, WPG) and should provide A Permanent Basis for Restrictive Measures. Then, without the Intervention of the Courts, you can Simply put People in Isolation or Make them Wear Compulsory Mouth Masks.

The Amended WPG lays down, Among Other Things, the Powers of the Minister of Public Health to take Collective Measures in the Event of A Pandemic. These include Closing Public Areas, Keeping A Distance and Quarantine Regulations for People travelling to The Netherlands.

The Corona Pass will be Scrapped from the New Law, but that is Probably Due to the Fact that It is Already Imposed from Brussels, so it will Probably be Taken Out of the Public Health Act and put into A Separate Law.

I will Not name Names, but if there has been A Certain Angelic Resistance Group that has been Litigating against the State during that Temporary Legislation, it has Only validated the Legal Effect of that Temporary Legislation, by giving Rise to Case Law. Each Lost Case has Thus laid the Foundation for making those Measures Permanent.

It is therefore Time for Real Resistance, because Anyone who thinks that the Storm has Died Down has been Misled by theHammer and DanceStrategy. Whereby the Dance Phase gives the Appearance of Freedom, but One that is Subject to Self Created Hyper Inflation. A Creative Form of Tax Collection via the VAT that the State Skims Off Price Increases. In that Context, read again This Article from 5 February 2022, Two Weeks before the Ukraine War.

Real Resistance is Not Done by Going to Demonstrations. No, You Do That by Stopping Filing Tax Returns, Stopping Paying Fines and by Civil Disobedience. Yes, I don T call It Civil Disobedience, but Uncivil Disobedience. Because as soon as you Acknowledge that you are A Citizen, you Accept the Authority of the legislator (the King).

That Legislator is in Fact the Crown. The First and Second Actor Chambers are Only there for the Stage. The Crown signs the Law, the Institution, the Crown, Represented by the King. The King signs the LawsBy the Grace of God’. That Grace, However, has Never been Demonstrated. That Grace Does Not Exist.

I have Often Pointed Out that You can Reject Fines or Tax Assessments and Basically Anything that is Required by Law and Enforced by the Lackeys of the Crown, by sending A Note stating that you Reject the Authority of the Crown and therefore the Legislation.

Some Readers, Judging by the Reactions I receive by Email, have been Successful; Others have Not. That is, Some of those Readers may have Voted, in Elections, thus Already Giving their Approval to the System of the Crown. Others may say that They Do Not Recognise the Grace of God, but Still Respond Substantively to the Letters from the Lackeys of the Crown, Centraal Justitieel Incasso Bureau (CJIB), Tax Authorities Et Cetera.

Personally, I have Never Heard of Any Fines or Other Issues and the Reason is Obvious. I have Never Given my Approval to the Sham Democracy by Going to the Polls, I do Not make Declarations (which means ‘Give Gift To‘) to the Lackeys of the Crown and I Very Clearly Reject the Authority of the Legislature. You can Do the Same.

Anyone Who, Like Me, doesn T hear A word of ‘Objection‘ which you shouldn T call an Objection but ACommunication‘, has Probably Not Voted and has Correctly Interpreted my Sample Letters. Those Sample Letters that Start withAll Who Read This, Salute!” instead of the SubmissiveDear Sir | Madam” and Those Sample Letters in Which you Also Set A Sky High Fine if you Receive Another Threatening Letter.

Yes, but the CJIB Simply Withdraws the Money from Your Bank Account for the Fines and Surcharges! I don T know when the Lackeys of the Crown Appropriated That Right to Them Selves and in What Legislation it was Enshrined, but that is All the More Reason to Resist Fiercely.

Send A Letter to Your Bank demanding that They Do Not Allow this Money Spinning from the CJIB. Citing the Lack ofThe Grace of God for the Drafter of the Law. Impose A Fine on Them if They Violate Your Demand. Fight Back and Show Your Teeth, because the Web is Closing In and the Government (as the Institution of the Crown Haughtily calls It Self) Keeps Grabbing and Keeps Making More Rules to Turn Your Life Step by Step into A Digital Prison.

Look for Ways to Make Your Money Outside The System such as through This Initiative that I had Built This Year to Support You in This. Don T Be Afraid, because that Fear has been Instilled in You by the False Reality that the Perception Managers have Programmed into You! Nobody has Authority over You! I explain This in My New Book Essay and Once You See Through It, You will Rediscover Your Power and Authority.

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Martin Vrijland

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Billy G
5 May 2022 at 20:58
At the Beginning of April, I received A Voicemail from A certain MrHekelaar” (an Alias?) of the Tax Authorities about the Fact that I had not filed A Tax Return, Of Course with All Kinds of Subtle Threats in It. I then sent A Hand Written Letter, Largely A Copy of Martin S Sample Letter.
Last Week I was Called Again by Mr Hekelaar, the Phone Call went Something like This.
I was called by A number that I do not know
G Hello?
H Yes, hello, this is Hekelaar from the Tax Office. I left you AVoice Mail at the Beginning of April about Not Filing your Tax Return.
G Yes that S Right, I sent you A Letter about that as Well
H Sending A Letter is Not Enough, you must File A Tax Return.
G:You say I have to do Something, What do you Base That On?
H I am calling on Behalf of the Tax Authorities
G Yes, I understand That, you say that I have to do Something and I am Curious on Which Authority You Base That.
H Ah So, and you have sent A Letter?
G Yes I have
H Then I’ LL leave it at That, have A Nice Day
G Good Day
He was Suddenly Gone! Just like A Call Centre that has realised There is Nothing to be Gained. I expected A Discussion, or More Threats, but Nothing of the Sort. I got the Idea that he knew Exactly What I was Talking about. It was as if I pulled All the Power he Thought he had Out from Under Him. Bizarre Experience. Now I M Very Curious as to Whether I M Still going to hear from Them, Time will Tell.
And Quite Apart from Whether this ‘Works‘ or Not. I see No Reason Why I should contribute to A System that I know to be Thoroughly Corrupt and that uses Money to Sow Death and Destruction. Paying and Not Knowing is One Thing, but Knowing and Paying is Even Worse as Far as I am Concerned.

5 May 2022 at 21:36
Dear Martin, I have sent you an Email about the Reactions I got with your Letters where they Just Send Back Standard Letters.
I send them Back the Same Letter Again with the Relevant Increase.
Anyway, You haven T heard Anything after such Letters?
With CJIB, CVOM (Utrecht), and Belastingdienst Agencies I get (Standard) Slave Letters back.
Date 03/18/2022
CJIB 0062 5422 4742 6922
Subject Announcement
To All Who are Reading This. Salute!
I would like to inform you that your Imposed Fine is Based on Legislation Drawn Up by the InstitutionThe Crown‘, presented by the King. That King claims to be able to Enact the Law by the Grace of God. I reject this Legislation, because the Same Grace of God has Never been Proven and the Law is therefore Invalid.
I therefore do Not Accept and Emphatically Reject your Imposed Fine, which is Based on This Legislation.
For Each Time you send A Letter or Reminder, I impose A Fine by the Grace of God.
The Amount of the Fine is € 2,500,- (Two Thousand Five Hundred euros) with an Interest of € 100,- per Day for each Day that you Refuse to Pay this Fine, Starting from Today.
I do not wish to Receive Any More Fines or Reminders from you. You have No Authority over me.
You can Transfer the Imposed Fines within 24 Hours to the Bank Account Number Below.

Martin Vrijland
5 May 2022 at 22:50
I don T know if You Voted, but Maybe that makes A Difference.
5 May 2022 at 23:58
Of Course Not, I Never did. Vote and Pay for My Own Oppression, xD.
I will send the Same Letters Again and Persevere.
We have Already Paid Too Much for Our Own Oppression through VAT on Products and Excise Duty.>


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