Martin Vrijland – David E Martin, the Great Man of the Plandemic (1) + (2) Films and the New The Great Awakening Film

David E Martin the Great Man of the Plandemic (1) + (2) Films and the New The Great Awakening Film

The Plandemic (2) Propaganda Film like its Predecessor, Received an Artificial Boost from the MainStream Media and Big Tech, under the Guise of “Censorship“. The Film exposed the CIAs Infiltration of the Media through Operation Mockingbird. How Many Viewers would Even Think to Question whether Operation Mockingbird could Apply to the Makers of the Film Itself? Most Skeptics do Not Consider this Angle because they have Already Unwittingly Chosen the Filmmakers’ Story.

Once we have Chosen A Side, it becomes Harder to See the Deception that Comes from the Side we have Chosen. That is How the Divide and Conquer Strategy Works. The Same is True of the Propaganda FilmThe Great Awakening“. However, it is Also True of the Propped Up Opposition Parties in The Netherlands, where All Got an Artificial Boost from the Media, which Ostensibly wanted to Make them Look Bad, but Actually Gave them the Kick Off Launch they Needed. You Need Only Think for A Moment of the “Spontaneous Rise” of Names like Willem Engel, Café Weltzchmertz and BLCKBX. The Same Strategy was Employed There that You will Discover Below.

A Judas Goat

Published 9 nov 2017


Compulsion, 1959


David E Martin was Allowed to Give A Speech to the European Parliament on May 25, 2023. I Discussed that Speech, and the Double Bottom Line in that Speech, at Length in my Article Yesterday. In It I Showed How the Double Bottom was Played. Following that Article, I was Sent the PDF Below by A Loyal Reader. I wanted to Share it with you So that you will See that the Great Freedom Fighters in the Alternative Media Also Serve as Judas Goats. You will Then Also Understand Why the Large Alternative Media in The Netherlands are So Eager to Eliminate Those Who Point Out this Judas Goat Role to you By Means of Libel and Slander.

Please First Watch this Short Video to Find Out Exactly What A Judas Goat is and How he has to Produce the Sound the Sheep are Eager to Hear, Then lead Them to the Slaughter. There he Steps Aside to Receive his Reward and Then starts the Next Round Again to Lure Even More Sheep after him.

The PDF Below is from this Link. The Author is Unknown to me, but the Text is contains an Extensive Analysis of Who David E Martin Actually is. This is Not to Tear Anyone Down, but it is To Clearly Show How the Game is Played within the Alternative Media. Even in the Netherlands we See the Alternative Media Pointing to the CIA , as in this Broadcast of Café Weltschmertz. They Too are In Fact Part of Operation Mockingbird and Try to Wipe their Lane Clean after the Last Judas Goat Walk Towards the Slaughter via their Role in Argos Medialogica. That Way they can Start the Next Round Again.

Café Weltschmerz | De Tafel Van Feshtali (5) – AIVD Rapport sluit Naadloos aan, Toe Val?

Please Read the PDF Document Below in English to Make it Clear How the Game is Played. If You are Not Very Good at English or the Text is Too Small on Your Screen, you can Download the PDF Here and Then have the Text Translated by the Translation Software like Google Translate as Found Online.

Who Is David E Martin?

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