Marcum | My Catholic Red Pill – WHERE ARE WIL PARANORMAL AND CANADIAN TRUCKER LEE? (Video S Removed)

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First published at 02:58 UTC on February 28th, 2022

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I mirrored Several Video S from Wil Paranormal including the One Above. The One (from January 27, 2022) Above was Blocked on my Channel because of A Copyright Issue. That S Fine because I think the Issue was A Copyrighted Song inserted into his Video, even though the Song Credit was Noted in the Description and should be under Fair Use Policy. I edited the Video removing the Suspect Song and Reposted It Here Above. I felt it was Important Reposting the Video from A Historical VIewpoint and because Something of more Significance is Transpiring regarding Trucker Lee, Wil and his Wil Paranormal BitChute Channel. Wil hasn T Posted since February 12, 2022.

They were Both in Ottawa and it seems Strange that Wil hasn T Updated his Situation, Considering that Fact that they were Very Adamant to Getting their Grievances Heard and Resolved. They were Extremely Upset with the Actions of our Canadian Government over the Past Couple of years that led to a Huge Multitude of Freedom Truckers to confront the Trudeau Government Lawfully with APeaceful Demonstration and Vax Injury to Relatives. TheVideos on the Wil Paranormal Channel that were Critical of the Canadian Government that were directed More Specifically to Justin Trudeau are Now Removed. Why? Where are Both Wil and Lee? As A Canadian following these Issues I am Now Concerned about their Whereabouts and Situation.

As far as I am Concerned, All the Issues, Concerns and Frustrations they tried to convey on their Video, especially regarding Trudeau and the Canadian Government, are Proven to be Exactly on the Money. Particularly True after the Fact Recent Tyrannical Actions, Governmental Decisions and Brutality Exposed to the Peaceful Demonstrators. It is Not Fair or Just that any Opposition to the Tyrannical Trudeau Government is Ignored and Simply Censored or Removed. Sure, both Wil and Lee got A Bit Heated in their Rhetoric and Language, but No Doubt our Tyrannical Government Leaders throw Choice Words at their Opponents (“Useless Eater”, Deplorables) in Response to any Criticism when the Cameras are Off or Probably Much Worse. Pedophilia and Child Trafficking is Rampant among the Elite and in Most Cases installed to that Position through Fraud.

Certainly, the MSM Mainstream Media doesn T care, but I as A Canadian Citizen is Extremely Concerned. Our Freedoms and Children are At Stake. The Goal of the NWO Global Reset Agenda is Depopulation through Systematic Genocide, and All Survivors (Non EliteUseless Eater”) controlled through Digital Passport. Better Wake Up and Pray and as Far as Catholic Leadership only Archbishop Viganò is Speaking Up among A Very Few.

The Cabal Right Now is Scheming Alternate Plots to Force Mandatory Mandates that all lead to A Digital Passport, vax induced sterilization or Untimely Death. There are More of Us then these Psychopathic (Demonic) Sickos. Why would anyone approve Jabbing Children with an Experimental Gene Therapy Drug with Absolutely Zero Informed Consent and Safety Studies? This is insane and Diabolical. When you understand their Evil Endgame, their Deceptions and Actions make more Sense. I have Posted Hundreds of Videos and Listed Endless Reference Links to prove that Point. God Bless and Stay Safe. Hold the Line, Marcum

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Massive Convoy Heading to Ottawa (foto BitChute)

First published January 27th, 2022.

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Latest Reports are that FREEDOM CONVOY 2022 is 480 Kilometer Long or 300 Miles.
That S A World Record.
Canadian Trucker tells the World that Shit S about to Fly.
GET READY CANADA. The Entire World is Depending on You
Click On The Link Below To Donate to Truckers
Tamara Lich is Organizing This Fundraiser

Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me COVID Edition



In My Research, as A Canadian, I can assure you that Dominion Voting Machines are Used in Key Areas of Canada during A Federal Election. Do you think the Trudeau Government Actually had the Votes to Win the Last Snap Election or Any Election in the Past Decade? So Not Only are Un Elected Medical Officials dictating their Evil Psychopathic Genocide Narrative, Corrupt Media, but Most Likely Dictated Down by an Illegitimate Government. Exactly as in the USA and Other World Countries.

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