Manufacturing Intellect – Samuel Beckett: Silence to Silence (1991) (Documentary)

Samuel Beckett (foto Make A Gif)Samuel Beckett Quote We are all born mad some remain so (foto AllAuthor)
Samuel Beckett (foto Pinterest)Samuel Beckett Quote The earth makes a sound as of sighs (foto AllAuthor)

What do we do now, now that we are happy? (foto Tumblr)
Samuel Becket Quote My mistakes are my life (foto Pinterest)

Samuel Beckett Quote Let;s go We can’t Why not? We re Waiting for Godot (foto AZ Ouotes)

Samuel Beckett: Silence to Silence (1991) (Documentary)

Published 4 nov. 2017

The elusive author of Waiting for Godot cooperated in the production of this portrait, which traces Beckett’s artistic life through his prose, plays, and poetry. Billie Whitelaw, Jack McGowran, and Patrick Magee. Beckett’s great dramatic interpreters appear in selected extracts from the plays; Beckett specialist David Warrilow narrates a variety of texts.

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