Manufacturing Intellect – Matisse meets Picasso (2002) Documentary

Pablo Picasso with the idol, gifted to him by Henri Matisse (foto

The unwanted gift (1) (foto Lewis Art Café)

The unwanted gift (2) (foto Lewis Art Café)
Link to Picasso and Matisse in Vanuatu Ogress Figure (foto Australian Art Sales)

Matisse meets Picasso (2002) Documentary

 Published on 11 okt. 2017
Compiling A half century of unparalleled Artistic dialogue,this program documents the complicated relationship between two indomitable personae: Henri Matisse, the serene, self indulgent father figure, and Pablo Picasso, the eternal adolescent and fiery primitive. Check out these great books on Amazon!
Picasso, Matisse, and the Birth of Modernist Art:
Picasso and the Artof Drawing
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Get Two Books FREE with A Free Audible Trial: program employs archival photos and film clips, stunning images of painting and sculpture, and firsthand recollections of the Picasso and Matisse circles, illuminating the intersecting creative journeys of both Artists. Françoise Gilot and Picasso S son Claude shed light on the Spaniard S formal reactions to and admiration of Matisse, while Jacqueline Matisse Monnier and Matisse biographer Hilary Spurling reciprocate.Checking out the affiliate links above helps me bring even more high quality videos to you by earning me A small commission on your purchase. If you have any suggestions for future content, make sure to subscribe on the Patreon
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