Madness – Night Boat to Cairo (Official Video)

Night Boat to Cairo (Official Video)

Published 2 sep 2011


You are Watching the Official HD Video for “Night Boat to Cairo” by Madness.

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Madness have Never Been Shy about Dressing Up and the Video for their Masterful 1979 Ska Anthem ‘Night Boat To Cairo‘ depicts them as Pith Helmeted Explorers, if Only for A Day in the Studio. The Song Reached N° 2 in the UK Chart Back in 1979 and the Band Still lose their Live Shows with it to This Day. Lee Thompson’s Saxophone takes Center Stage Here, but for Those Who wish to Follow the Lyrics, Helpful Sub Titles are Included, Complete with Bouncing Marker.


It’s just Gone Noon Half Past Monsoon
On the Banks of the River Nile
Here comes the Boat Only Half Afloat
Oarsman Grins A Toothless Smile
Only Just One More to this Desolate Shore
Last Boat Along the River Nile
Doesn’t Seem to Care, No More Wind in his Hair
As he Reaches his Last Half Mile
The Oar Snaps in his Hand before he Reaches Dry Land
But the Sound doesn’t Deafen his Smile
Just Pokes at Wet Sand with an Oar in his Hand
Floats Off Down the River Nile
Floats Off Down the River Nile
All Aboard, Night Boat to Cairo
Night Boat to Cairo

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