Macro Artist – The crypto lineage of Venezuelan ruler Nicolás Maduro

Nicolás Maduro (foto

The crypto lineage of Venezuelan ruler Nicolás Maduro


This thread will explore the crypto lineage of Venezuelan ruler Nicolás Maduro.

The dictator is descended from the Maduros of Curaçao (connected to the Dutch West India Company) who previously settled in Holland and earlier Portugal. Lets dig in.


While tracing A line of Rabbinic scholars I came across the name Maduro several times in Curaçao and Aruba. Curaçao & Aruba are very close to Venezuela; so I wondered was there A connection to Nicholas Maduro? Sure enough Ethnic Celebs lists David Maduro as his Grandfather.

Etnicelebs about Nicolás Maduro (foto


So who are these Maduros and what were they doing in Curaçao & Aruba?

The Dutch West Indies produced sugar and imported slaves. The land was less conducive to plantations than surrounding islands so Curaçao became specialized in the importation of African slaves.

The Jews in the Dutch West Indies (1) (foto The Saba Islander)


Many early inhabitants of Curaçao were Jevvish. Some early settlers were religious refugees who fled the Iberian Peninsula during the 1492 Inquisition. Many of these refugees moved from Spain and Portugal to religiously tolerant Amsterdam before arriving in the New World.

The Jews in the Dutch West Indies (2) (foto The Saba Islander)


The year 1492 also happens to be the year that Columbus set sail. Many researchers have looked into Columbus’ (and his crews) motivation and background so I will not do so here. However, if that seems shocking to you please look into Columbus & the gang sign more deeply.

Columbus doing the Masonic handsign (foto


Amsterdam, and The Dutch, played A key role in the development of North & South America. The formation of the Dutch West India Company was integral in shaping the region, particularly through the importation and selling of African slaves across the Americas.

The slave trade in Curaçao (foto


In 1621 the WIC (Dutch West India Company) was granted A charter for the African slave trade. At the time the Dutch were feuding for global domination with other EUropean powers. After the English defeated the Dutch at St Martin the Dutch were forced to retreat to Curaçao.

The Dutch West India Company (foto


The West India Company and the Dutch made plans to settle Curaçao with Jevvish colonists starting in the Middle of the 17th Century. Some of these early colonist fled from South America and landed in Holland, before relocating in Curaçao and the Dutch West Indies.


In 1732 Mikev Israel Imanuel Synagogue was established. This is the longest continuously operating synagogue in the Americas, although older synagogues existed (see next infographic). This congregation helped finance the earliest synagogues in New York & Newport Rhode Island.

The oldest synagogue still in use today in the Americas (foto


One of the earliest Maduros to arrive in Curaçao was Hazzan & Ribi Mosseh de Salomon Levy Maduro (Levie Maduro y de Crasto). This lucky merchant was so wealthy he owned several farms and even owned his own ships. His siblings expanded to neighboring islands like Jamaica.

Haza & Ribi Mosseh de Salomon Levy Maduro (foto


In fact the Maduro line is quite distinguished; we can trace the Maduro name as far back as Mosseh Levy o Maduro (Levie Maduro) born in Portugal 1591 who adopted the Maduro surname as A sign of respect. Mosseh was already descended from A well established Jevvish family.

Moseh Levy O Maduro (foto


Mosseh Levy (first to adopt the Maduro Surname was already from a distinguished Jevvish family as we can see Mosseh (see above infographic) is descended from Samuel Ben Meir Ha-levi Abulafia who was the advisor and treasurer to King Pedro (“The Cruel”) of Castille.


The elite Maduro clan was very active in Curacao and the surrounding islands.Mozes Levy de Salomon Levy Maduro was the first colonist granted admission to Aruba; he was granted 108 Hectares by the Dutch West India Company. Mozes levy de Salomon Levy Maduro (foto


In the 19th century, we can see that SEL (Salomon Elias Levy) Maduro set up A shipping empire that expanded into the 20th century working with PanAM Airlines and KLM. Maduro & Sons still exists to this day as A logistics and shipping hub of the region.Salomon Elias (Mochi) Levy Maduro (foto


The Maduro lineage also produced several other influential persons in the Caribbean region including: Honduran president Ricardo Maduro, founders of Maduro & Curiel Bank, as well as several prominent elite families in Cuba, St Thomas, Venezuela, NYC, and Central America.


However the Maduro line is also interesting through its marriages (aside from the sickening incest).

One of the elitist Maduro marriages that caught my eye was Moses Levy Maduro married Esther Levy Musaphia. This chart is A good reference for the entire thread.

Nicolás Maduro Lineage (foto


The Musaphia family is also A dynastic line that fled the Iberian Peninsula for Holland before making their way to other parts of the World. Esther Musiphia S grandfather was Moses Musaphia AKA Simon Mendes.

About Moses Mustapha (foto


Simon Mendes’ nephew was the Dr, scholar, & Kabalist Dr Binjamin ben Immanuel Musaphia “Dionysius.”

Dr Musaphia wrote about creationism, alchemy, & even rewrote the Talmud before being caught up in the Sabbatean movement,proclaiming Sabbatai Zevi to be the new Messiah.

Dr Binjamin ben Immanuel Musaphia “Dionysius” (foto


From the bottom of the infographic above we can see that the Musaphia family had wealthy and extensive connections. Dr Musaphia S brother Albert Dionis AKA Alvaro Diniz was one of the wealthiest Jews in Hamburg in 1614.


So who are these Musaphias? Dr Musiphia S grandfather (Simon Mendes’ father) was Felipe Emanuel Dinis. Felipe S brother is locobo ben Gedallah Dionis Ibn Yahya. That name sounded familiar and sure enough I have already traced them back to antiquity!

Slave Owners (foto


I came across the Ibn Yahya family A long time ago when I was studying the Colonial American Slave Trade. Would you believe the families are connected! So Who are the Yahya family? (…) To be continued (…)

Slave Owners (foto

Please note there is one link in the chart that is not 100% certain due to scrubbing, however the lineage is roughly the same as all Maduros in the Americas stem from dynastic family linked in the thread.

Nicolás Maduro lineage (foto

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