Macro Artist – About General Patton’s Death and the Spread of Communism

General George Patton (foto Patton Foundation)

About General Patton’s Death and the Spread of Communism


A quick thread about General Patton’s death and the spread of Communism.
If unfamiliar with General’s story, Ronald Reagan narrates this 30 minutes official video about Patton’s life.

But lets dig deeper.


As WWII was coming to a close General Patton wanted to continue the fight against Communism, believing he could crush the Soviets in six weeks. Patton believed we had not liberated Europe and had set the conditions for the Cold War.


General Patton was angry about the political failures of WWII. His intimate knowledge of WWII coupled with his fearlessness & popularity made him a threat to many powerful people who wanted him dead.

General George S Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders claims new book “Patton was going to resign from the Army. He wanted to go to war with the Russians. The administration thought he was nuts.”  He also knew secrets of the war which would have ruined careers.  (…)


Tim Wilcox highlights assassination attempts on Patton and the powerful people who were threatened by him and his knowledge. Wilcox uncovers Douglas Bazata’s role in the assassination of Patton. No autopsy, no toxicology, very suspicious.

Patton Assassination — MyServicePride INTV w Tim Wilcox from King Grey on Vimeo.


Robert Wilcox, author of “Target Patton” dives deeper into Patton’s death. Wilcox draws connections between the NKVD and the OSS (which morphed into the CIA) to General Patton’s assassination which enabled the subsequent spread of communism.

In 1983 Congressman Larry McDonald (General Patton’s cousin) exposed the Globalist agenda, the CFR, and the National Review subversion on the TV show “Crossfire” with Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden. Excellent 17 minutes!


PS The scum trying to derail McDonald, is CIA agent Tom Braden. Braden (via CIA) played an integral role in promoting “modern art” which served as a tool of money laundering & cultural manipulation. Braden made lots of money on #art.

50 minute mark.


About four months later McDonald died (assassination?) in a plane crash. A flight CIA warned ex president Nixon NOT to board!

WOW! Connie Chung of NBC states CIA warned Nixon not to board the flight on which Larry (Patton) McDonald was killed.


Back to General Patton.

More info from Robert Wilcox interviewed by Dave Williams part (1).

Wilcox introduces Douglas Bazata who is linked to Patton’s death. Bazata an OSS elite officer who was both a sniper and boxer and later became an “artist.”


Robert Wilcox interviewed by Dave Williams part (2).

Wilcox digs deeper into Douglas Bazata’s diaries. Bazata was at the end of his life and had suffered a stroke which enabled Wilcox to establish a close relationship to him.


Dale Williams interviews Robert Wilcox part (3).

Wilcox goes into why such a popular general’s death was so unscrutinized and all the power brokers who could have been ruined by the information Patton knew.


Dale Williams interviews Robert Wilcox part (4).
Wilcox explains, Patton hated the Russians & was aware of all the WWII atrocities. Patton was also aware of the Allies’ “blunders” which resulted in many additional deaths. Patton could expose it all.<


Williams interviews Robert Wilcox part (5).

Patton was a truth teller & knew powerful people wanted him dead. The “Stop Patton Movement” (withholding gas from the army) extended WWII & led to Battle of the Bulge & countless unnecessary deaths.


Wilcox part (6).

Stalin wanted Patton dead. Wilcox’s research indicates Patton’s death was a coordinated effort between Bazata, “Wild Bill” Donovan (OSS), NKVD CIC (Counter Inteligence Core) et cetera. Stephen J Skubic tried to stop the plan but was thwarted.


Stephen Skubic, the man who tried to prevent Patton’s assassination went on to write a book about Patton’s death. Unfortunately the book, “Death: The Murder of General Patton” is not readily available in print but you can visit Skubik’s website:

Wilcox interview part (7).
Details of Patton’s death. Truck pulls in front of Patton’s car causing a low speed accident in which GP is the only one injured. All accident reports disappear! No autopsy! Previous assassination attempts using a scythe et cetera.


Wilcox interview part (8).
General Patton’s death cont. previous attempt by Polish spitfires. RL Thompson the truck driver who caused the accident vanished to the UK before his own murky death. Bazata used a special rifle firing a bolt like projectile.

Wilcox interview part (9).
Bazata claims he shot General Patton in the face; Patton had a big gash on his face.
Patton’s car presented to the public is a fake with a filed down Vin number!
Wilcox explains the cover-up: no autopsy, missing reports, et cetera.


Skubik’s book (attached) has excellent insights into General George S. Patton’s death and murder. The book needed serious editing, however the details the author presents are incredibly interesting. #MAGA #Qanon #coldWar #WWII #WW2 #ETF scholars dig in!

And just in case Douglas Bazata’s Jedburghs stories seem beyond belief, here is his obituary.

Douglas DeWitt Bazata, Artist And OSS. Officer, Dies at 88 Douglas DeWitt Bazata, who served with OSS behind enemy lines in France during in World War II and later became an artist, dies at age 88, here on a photo in 1963 with Salvador Dali.

Was OSS agent Douglas Bazata using #art as a payment method for covert operations? Was Bazata involved with #JFK murder?

The OSS & CIA using art as a tool of money laundering & cultural manipulation is well documented. Search Eva Cockroft, Art Forum, 1974, or Frances Stonor Saunders)

Bazata sold his “art” to European royalty like the Duke & Duchess of Windsor (AKA Edward VIII, the Nazi King, or Traitor King). Edward was a complicated character descended from both English and German nobility who eventually abdicated the English throne.


Bazata’s other noble patrons included the Prince & Princess of Monaco (Rainier III of the House of Grimaldi & US actress Grace Kelly.)
Monaco was a haven for gambling, shipping, & tax evasion and accordingly became a hotbed for organized crime.



According to 1969 Schenectady Gazette article:
Princess Grace invited “philosophical painter” Douglas Bazata to exhibit his daubs in the Monte Carlo casino at the height of the summer seasonal wagering. Carol Channing told a friend ‘I’m speechless.’”


Bazata also showcased his “art” at the Maltzahn Gallery in London in 1969. The gallery printed a catalogue entitled “Recent Paintings by Bazata” (OCLC number 272523579) for the exhibition Feb 24 – March 15, 1969. Can anyone find this publication or any other Bazata paintings?


The Maltzahn Gallery was opened in London in 1966 by Imre von Maltzahn. Imre born in Menton, France, educated at Gordonstoun in Scotland, wrote his autobiography, “An Austro German as an Englishman. A Life, Times, and Commentaries.” Imre’s bio & book synopsis is below.

Maltzahn are nobility from Mecklenburg & Pomerania, which first appears in records with Bernhardus de Mulsan as arbitrator in Isfrieds Partition Treaty of 1194. Their families are often mentioned in the Ratzeburg title register as vassals of the Ratzeburg bishop.
See Family website here under.


Beyond his royal patrons, Bazata was also painted by the #surrealist #artist Salvidor Dali in a portrait entitled “Homage to Bazata” in which the former OSS. Jedburgh was likened to Don Quixote. I searched but could not find this #Dali painting; please post if you find it.


Bazata gave up his successful painting career to pursue wine making & open a Maryland pheasant hunting preserve.
In the 1980s Bazata resumed covert Government employment as a “special assistant” to Secretary of the Navy John F Lehman, Jr Lehman is also Princess Grace’s cousin!


A deeper dig into Lehman reveals some alarming connections such as Henry Kissinger, PNAC, the 9/11 Commission, James McCain & Mitt Romney.
In addition he founded a consulting company with defense contracting clients. Lehman is quoted, “Power corrupts, absolute power is kind of neat.”


In a 1991 Conversations with History interview Lehman discusses the NWO & the US role (at 25 minute mark).

Lehman also notes the Professors who intellectually influenced him:

Robert Strausz Hupe
Hans Kohn
Bill Kintner
James E Dougherty

Lets dig into them.


Robert Strausz Hupe was a professor & US Ambassador. influenced by the Edwardian Era Academic Halford Mackinder. RSH believed in a one world Government.
Mackinder is regarded as the founder of Geopolitical Theory & believed who ever controlled Eastern Europe, controls the world.


Halford Mackinder, who outlined the modern plan for global domination, was involved with other prominent Fabian figures (like Sydney and Beatrice Webb) in the early 1900s through the Coefficients Dining Club.


Continuing Mackinder’s interest in global domination Robert Strausz Hupe founded the FPRI, Foreign Policy Research Institute. FPRI members include Hans Kohn, Bill Kintner, Henry Kissinger, James Schlesinger, 1971 – 1973 CIA Director, and Lawrence Krause.


Hans Kohn, FPRI member and intellectual influence of John F Lehman Jr, was involved in the Palestine Israel conflict since the Balfour Declaration.
Kohn (1891 – 1971) is generally regarded as the founding father of modern Anglophone academic research on nationalism.


Bill Kintner, another Lehman influence and FPRI member, is the founder of the “Philadelphia School.”
Kintner was influenced by the Swedenborg Church (AKA Church of New Jerusalem, et cetera). Emanuel Swedenborg teachings have mystic masonic origins and connections to Mormonism.

Emanuel Swedenborg, Bill Kintner’s spiritual inspiration, was a mystic who blended Plotinus neo platonic philosophy with Christian theology. He believed the second coming of Jesus was revealed to him and he could directly contact spirits.

@mentions’s research links Douglas Bazata to General Patton’s murder.
Bazata resurfaces in 1969 selling “art” to Princess Grace.
Bazata resurfaces again in 1980s. Special Assistance to John F Lehman Jr who is Princess Grace’s Cousin! Lehman also links to PNAC 9/11 NeoCons., Oct 30th 2019

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