Luiz Viajante | Santa Catarina – A CORRUPÇÃO DE LULA , E AS OBRAS DE BOLSONARO | Lula’s Corruption, and Bolsonaro’s Works

Jair Bolsonaro (gif BUS NA TV)

Jair Bolsonaro 2022 (gif ezgif)

Presidetne do Brasil Jair Bolsonaro (gif GifpixJair Bolsonaro 2022 (gif Facebook)

Bolsonaro at the G20 in Osaka (gif
Jair Bolsonaro as Donald Trump (gif

Jair Bolsonaro en Publique (foto Gifer)

Jair Bolsonaro adressing his Supporters (foto Giphy)

Pela Libertdade de Expressão! (gif Gifer)

Jair Bolsonaro (gif L Soneas)

Jair Bolzanaro Short Before he was Attacked (gif Gfycat)

Jair Bolsenato Attack (gif

Jair Bolsenaro Attack (gif

Jair Bolzenario Attack (foto Giphy)

God is Dead (gif Imgflip)

Bolsonaro Fechado (gif Giphy)

Jair Bolsonaro Baptized (gif Giphy)

Jair Bolsonaro Baptized (gif Gfycat)

Jair Bolsonaro Baptized (foto Gfycat)

Jair Bolsonaro Baptized (gif MakeAGif)

Lula Bolsonaro Presidente (gif

Lula Bolsonaro Presidente (gif

Lula Freed from Prison (foto

Lula Lula Libre (gif

Lula Lula  Libre (gif

Lula (foto Twitter)

Bolsonaro First Picture since Loss (foto Telegram)

A CORRUPÇÃO DE LULA , E AS OBRAS DE BOLSONARO | Lula’s Corruption, and Bolsonaro’s Works

Published 27 sep. 2020

Luiz Viajante | Santa Catarina



Bolsonaro and the Corona Virus (gif

Braziliaanse Miliairen maken Resultaten Verkiezingen Bekend

Attentie  🪖 🥾

Vandaag, 9 november, zullen de Braziliaanse Militairen de Resultaten van hun Verkiezings Herziening Bekend maken.
Denk je, dat het Toeval is, dat ze Gewacht hebben tot de Amerikaanse Verkiezingen?

Hoe Verweven en Beïnvloeden de Twee Verkiezings Processen elkaar?

Denk aan (…)

Ik wil, dat jullie zelf uitvinden hoe de Q Alliance denkt.



Judgement on Illegal Biden Regume on November 8 (foto Telegram)

Herzlich Willkommen im Q+++ Kanal


Mail aan R, 9 november 2022, 16:46

Fighting for our Nation!

A Brazilian tells me “We are Fighting for our Nation!

After an Election that used Electronic Voting Machines handed the Presidential Victory over to the Far Left Candidate ()
I stand with the People of Brazil!

Dominion Voting Machines

Dominion Voting Machines Down In Texas, Arizona, New Jersey | Other Voter Irregularities Reported

Voters in Mercer County, New Jersey, are Facing aCounty Wide System Outage” in their Election using Dominion Voting Machine

The Gateway Pundit

Simon Parkes – November 9th US Midterms Update


USA Election Results (foto SantaSurging)

Brazilië is van Ons

Veteranen Mars in Joinville, Brazilië is van Ons (Vrijmoedig Beeld | Telegram)

Reminds Me of Another Election in 2020 (foto Imgflip)


Brasilia Demonstrations against New Government (video Telegram)

Bolsonaro’s Supporters refuse to Accept Brazil’s Election Result

Published 2 nov. 2022

Sky News

Lula da Silva won the Brazilian Election on Monday, beating Jair Bolsonaro by a Razor Thin Margin. It was hoped Bolsonaro’s Concession address to the Nation would dDampen the Fervour of his Supporters. It hasn’t, they want a Military Coup.

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Brazil Arrests

Brasil Arrests and Abrupt Reaction (video Telegram)

🇧🇷 Brazilians swamp Rio Military Barracks

First published at 11:03 UTC on November 16th, 2022

channel image


Favela War against the Lula Drug Gangs in Rio de Janeiro (video Telegram)


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