Luis Buñuel – Diary of A Chambermaid (1964) (French with English Subtitles)

Diary of A Chambermaid (1964) (French with English Subtitles)

Published 31 Jul 2017

Non English with English Subtitles

Author Clipper Davinci

Crime | Drama | Direction Luis Buñuel | 98 Minutes | French with English Subtitles

With Jeanne Moreau, Georges Géret, Michel Piccoli, Françoise Lugagne

Celestine, Jeanne Moreau, has A New Job as A Chambermaid for the Quirky Monsieur Monteil, Michel Piccoli, his Wife and her Father. When the Father dies, Celestine decides to Quit her Job and Leave, but when A Young Girl is Raped and Murdered, Celestine believes that The Monteils‘ Groundskeeper, Joseph (Georges Geret, is Quilty, and stays On in Order to Prove it. AKALe Journal d’une Femme de Chambre‘.


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