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Sex in the Garden of Eden: The Forbidden Truth

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Let’s Resolve the Garden of Eden Mystery Once and for All.

Here’s What Happened in the Garden of Eden.

And the Woman said unto the Serpent, We may Eat of the Fruit of the Trees of the Garden.
But of the Fruit of the Tree which is In the Midst of the Garden, God hath said, Ye shall Not Eat of it, Neither shall ye Touch It, lest ye Die.”
Genesis, 3:2 – 3. King James Version Holy Bible

The Word ‘Touch’ is the Hebrew Word H5060 נָגַע  nâga‛  naw-gah’  and is Defined in the Strong’s Concordance as Follows.

touch Biblical Definition

A Primitive Root, Properly to Touch, that is, Lay the Hand Upon (for Any Purpose, Euphemistically, to Lie with a Woman); by Implication to Reach (Figuratively to Arrive, Acquire), Violently, to Strike (Punish, Defeat, Destroy, et cetera), Beat, (X Be Able To) Bring (Down), Cast, Come (Nigh), Draw Near (Nigh), Get Up, Happen, Join, Near, Plague, Reach (Up), Smite, Strike, Touch.

To Lie with a Woman (foto Befored It’s News)

To Lie with a Woman!” This means that the Forbidden Fruit was Sex!

The Serpent in the Garden of Eden (foto Before It’s News)

In the Garden of Eden, Eve was Impregnated by the Serpent with Cain and Again Bare Abel by Adam

Let’s continue a Little Further in the Book of Genesis.

And he said, Who told Thee that Thou wast Naked? Hast Thou Eaten of the Tree, whereof I Commanded Thee that Thou Shouldest Not Eat?
And the Man said, The Woman whom Thou Gavest to Be with Me, she Gave Me of the Tree, and I Did Eat.
And the LORD God said unto the Woman, What is This that Thou hast Done? And the Woman said, The Serpent Beguiled Me, and I Did Eat.” 
, King James Version Holy Bible

The WordWoman’ is the Hebrew Word H802  נָשִׁי   אִשָּׁה  ‘ishshâh    nâshı̂ym  ish shaw’, naw sheem’ and is Defined in the Strong’s Concordance as Follows,

woman Biblical Definition

The First Form is the Feminine of H376 or H582; the Second Form is an Irregular Plural, a Woman (Used in the Same Wide Sense as H582), [Adulter]ess, Each, Every, female, X Many, None, One, Together, Wife, Woman. Often Unexpressed in English.

[Adulter]ess (foto Before It’s News)

Adultery was the Original Sin in the Garden of Eden

Eve (Chavvah | Hava) was Impregnated by Satan (the Serpent | nâchâsh) with Cain (Kain) and Again Bare Abel (Habel) by Adam.

Cain & Abel (foto Before It’s News)


Cain and Abel were Conceived via Hetero Paternal Super Fecundation

Hetero Paternal Super Fecundation refers to the Fertilization of Two Separate Ova by Two Different Fathers. 

Cain and Abel were Twins of Two Different Fathers.

“(IV) And Adam Knew Hava His Wife, who had Desired the Angel; and she Conceived, and Bare Kain; and she said, I have Acquired a Man, the Angel of the Lord. And she Added to Bear from her Husband Adam his Twin, even Habel. And Habel was a Shepherd of the Flock, but Kain was a Man working in the Earth.”
Jonathan Ben Uzzie, THE TARGUM, on the Book of GENESIS

Twin (foto Before It’s News)

Cain was the Child of Satan (the Serpent | nâchâsh) and Abel was the Child of Adam

All of these Revelations were Delivered by the Holy Spirit through End Time Prophet Jonathan Kleck, a Harbinger for The Lord Jesus Christ, who explains it All with Supernatural Evidence in the Following Video Presentations.

Vesica Pisces

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The Garden of Eden was More than Just a Piece of Fruit.


The Origin of our Flesh stems Back to the Garden of Eden when Eve was Beguiled by the Serpent and All of Humanity fell from Our Spiritual State of being into a Carnal System Known as the Flesh.

All of Mankind has the ‘Skin of the Serpent as Revealed in Genesis 3 of the Ancient Text of The Targum of Jonathan ben Uzziel.

And Adam Called the Name of his Wife Hava, because she is the Mother of all the Children of Men. And the Lord God made to Adam and To his Wife Vestures of Honour from the Skin of the Serpent, Which he had Cast from Him, Upon the Skin of their Flesh, Instead of that Adornment Which had Been Cast Away, and He clothed Them.”
Jonathan Ben Uzzie, THE TARGUM, on the Book of GENESIS

Skin of the Serpent (foto Before It’s News)

Human Skin Cells Compared to the Skin of the Serpent  (foto Before It’s News)

Pictured Above are Human Skin Cells Magnified under an Electron Microscope in Side by Side Comparison with the Scales of a Serpent.

Modern Science shows us the Uncanny Similarities between Human Skin and Serpent Scales – but How Deep does This Go?

The Snare from the Very Beginning

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The Seed of the Serpent and the Seed of the Woman Commingled in the Garden of Eden and Enmity was Placed between Them.

And the LORD God said unto the Serpent, Because thou hast Done This, Thou art Cursed Above All Cattle, and Above Every Beast of the Field, Upon Thy Belly Shalt Thou Go, and Dust Shalt Thou Eat all the Days of thy Life.
And I will put Enmity between Thee and the Woman, and Between Thy seed and Her Seed, It shall Bruise Thy Head, and Thou shalt bruise His Heel.”

Genesis, 3:14 – 15, King James Version Holy Bible


Certain Questions have been Asked since the Dawn of Civilization.

Who are We?
Where did We Come From?
Why are We Here?
What is Life All About?

The ‘Fall of MankindMystery has been Completely Resolved, Answering All of These Questions.

For Nothing is Secret, That Shall Not be Made Manifest, Neither Any Thing Hid, That Shall Not Be Known and Come Abroad.”
Luke, 8:17, King James Version Holy Bible

You Are Exiles (2017)

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