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Dear Wolfgang (2018, film)

Gepubliceerd op 9 sep. 2018

Revisiting the insane anomalies from Sandy H00k with Mr. Halbig. Great work from Mr. Leeds. The original upload is now removed I believe.


Fireman Saw Nobody At Sandy Hook! Funeral Director Said Coffins Filled With Rocks!

My own interesting story on Sandy Hook is in the second video below. It shocked me when I was told this story!

The longer banned video above keeps being deleted on Youtube completely destroys the Sandy Hoax LIE being pushed by the Fake News and traitors such as Alex Jones who stuck a knife in the back of Wolfgang Halbig! It seems Alex is being used to shut down all free speech in alternative media and instead of fighting for the truth on Sandy Hook, his lawyers told Wolfgang to stop giving them evidence it was a HOAX! So Jones is actually helping push the LIE for the deep state! James Fetzer’s great book, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” proved the entire Sandy Hook event was a FEMA drill! He has pictures of FEMA personnel drilling holes in the school windows simulating bullets! He has pictures of FEMA on the scene BEFORE they shot out the front doors! Only the most brainwashed fools believe the official story when they see all the evidence and see all the effort they put into stopping the truth from coming out!

It seems Alex Jones has gone to the dark side long ago and his flip flop on Sandy Hook and so many other things such as Michael Obama being Trans as Joan Rivers stated before she died proves it! Watch this incredible video above serving as a montage of all the evidence against this Sandy Hook fraud and ask yourself why wouldn’t Alex Jones show any of it if he was real? I sincerely believe Sandy Hook was completely fake and James Fetzer has the proof. Below you will hear somebody tell me what they were told by two separate people there! A fireman and a funeral home director! Both said it was FAKE FAKE FAKE! I’ve talked to Wolfgang myself on the phone and he told me he has talked to the supposedly “dead” kids on the phone and they already graduated High School. Some of them want to come out and tell the truth apparently!

I met a man who personally knew a first responder who ran into Sandy Hook elementary and saw nobody there! He was threatened with being stationed in Antarctica if he talked about it! When I posted this on Youtube it was banned within 30 minutes! Isn’t it interesting why Youtube would ban my own direct evidence and of course they’ve deleted 4 channels on me at least already. Here’s the video that Youtube couldn’t handle! Please share this information EVERYWHERE so Alex Jones can’t destroy the truth! Thank you patriots!

Fireman Saw Nobody at Sandy Hook! Funeral Home Director said coffins ordered weeks before filled with Rocks! This was reported directly to me in the audio testimony you hear below.

Truth Warriors – Fireman Saw Nobody At Sandy Hook! He Was First On Scene!

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Fireman Saw Nobody At Sandy Hook! He Was First On Scene! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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Nobody Died At Sandy Hook (PDF)

James Fedzer – Nobody Died At Sandy Hook

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