Lee Austin – Omicron The Movie, Alien Inhabits Corpse: Hydra Vulgaris Preview? + Ugo Gregoretti – Omicron (1964) (Pelicula Completa, Subtítulos Español)

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Omicron The Movie, Alien Inhabits Corpse: Hydra Vulgaris Preview?

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Lee Austin
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In 1963 a Cheesy, Italian Sci Fi Comedy called “Omnicron” hit the Silver Screen to a Collective Yawn.  The Plot revolved around the Dead Body of a Blue Collar Worker, who was Resurrected by an Alien Creature Known as an Omicron. In essence, the Corpse became Possessed by a Demon and was Walking the Earth as the Living Dead, a Zombie. When the Hybrid Creature decides to Return to the Former Job of the Deceased Laborer, he is able to function at a Much Higher Level given his Superior Intellect. Yes, Demons are Smarter than Humans.  After Getting Involved in a Labor Disruption and a Romantic Relationship, the Demon Leaves the Corpse and Returns to Venus, the Morning Star, Planet of The Light Bearer.

Omicron SARS CoV 2 (foto India Times)

Omicron, the Movie is Not a Case of Predictive Programming, but rather a Tongue in Cheek Nod by the Luciferian Elite to name their Latest Magic Virus Variant Omicron, after a Piece of Inconspicuous Italian Pop Culture.

The Asexual Reproduction of the Hydra ((foto makeagif.com)

Fifty Eight Years After a Fictional Alien Demon Possession a Corpse, Another Alien Being Hydra Vulgaris is Invading Millions of Living Bodies via the Injection. Hydra is Named after the Serpent in Greek Mythology that grew Two New Heads for Each One Cut Off. The Hydra Vulgaris is a Tiny, Tentacled, Palm Tree Shaped, Sentient Fresh Water Invertebrate, Comprised of Stem Cells which appear to Renew Themselves. In other words, Hydra Vulgaris contains the Genomic Code for Eternal Life. Over a Period of Twenty Days the Organism Recreates iIself.

Dr. Carrie Madej First Discovered Hydra Vulgaris while Examining Numerous Vials of the Onjection.

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