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Joe Biden Abruptly cancels G20 Meeting Amid Reports of Serious Health Concerns

President Joe Biden Abruptly Canceled a G20 Meeting on Tuesday, as World Leaders Gathered in Indonesia to Conduct the Official Business of Managing World Affairs.

However, the Official Explanation for Biden’s Last minute Drop Out has Many Wondering Once Again if Something is Seriously Wrong with the President. Watch

Breaking News would be that President Biden is Missing the G20 Leaders Dinner,” Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy reported. “He is Supposed to be at a Supper Right Now, 8:10 in the Evening Here in Bali, Indonesia, with Everybody that Flew In. If you’re the US President, you spent Basically Two Days Flying to get Here for a Dinner like This. You got MBS there, you got Trudeau there. Xi is Also There, if Anything was Left on the Table.”

Becker News, November 15, 2022



That Biden and his son have been arrested and transported to Guantanamo Bay to go before the Military Tribunal.  (also revealing Biden is played by actors, a clone/body double and so on).


That he, Donald J Trump is the President of the Republic  of the United States of America and that  the US Corp was dissolved during his term in office.  That he Donald J. Trump is Commander in Chief, holds the codes and never stepped down from his role as Presdient.


The arrest and transport to stand trial of Pelosi, her husband and numerous members of Congress and the Senate.


The block chain evidence collected by Space Force from the 2020 Election and the 2022 Midterms (and the primaries) revealing the actual votes and the many methods by which the steal of those elections took place.


The rescue of hundreds of thousands of children from underground bases in Ukraine, the United States and numerous other key locations around the world.  And the technology (known as medbeds) now being used to heal the children as well as the military who were part of those recovery operations.


The adrenochrome highway (Pedo Networks) that have been operating for decades stretching from Hollywood to DC and key figures and dark magicians running them.


The coming revelations regarding patriot celebs and famous individuals who are still alive but whose deaths were faked to safeguard them during this key time including, Diana, JFKjr and others.


The coming revelations regarding indictments of Generals, and deep state players who orchestrated the installation of the takeover of the government of the United States including foreign countries and organizations such as the British Crown, M!6, The Vatican, the German DVD and China (CCP) ()and others.

THESE ARE JUST SOME OF THE EARTH SHAKING REVELATIONS THAT TRUMP could talk about in addition to announcing his plan to run for President of the Republic in 2024

Mail aan R, 15 november 2022, 18:18

Regarding Trump’s Announcement Tonight ()

It can’t just be the following.

⭐️ I’m Running in 2024
⭐️ They Cheated the Midterms
⭐️ I’m going to be the New Speaker
etc etera

These are by No Means Worthy of being an Historic Event in US History.
Trump likes to Troll the Enemy and Force them to Panic, but Disappointing his Audience would be a Terrible Move and Badly Timed.
People are Already Pissed Off (Many with him) and the Enemy would have a Field Day slamming him for Delivering a Nothing Burger.
We are All Weary and Hungry for Something to Happen and Anons have been suggesting that we’re about to Take to Arms and Do It Ourselves.
People have reached their Limit.
Tonight has to be Something Big. The Psyche of the People is Just Too Perfectly Poised Not to Be.

My Guess would be Either

Something Big Enough to Demand Removal of Biden
Military Acknowledgement of Election Fraud
Dissolution of the US Corporation
Proof of the Global COVID Attack
Unified citizen call to action
All could Directly involve US MILITARY

These Possibilities might seem Too Good to be True, but they are Actually Reasonable Possibilities for 3 Reasons.

1: They’re All True and Justified and must be Exposed at Some Point.
2: The Timing is Perfect, People are Furious and Majority want Change.
3: Trump told us it would make History.

We’ll soon find out.
We deserve Something Real.

SG Anon Joins Us He is Brilliant, Humble, Level Headed and a Voracious Researcher

Published November 14, 2022

TruthStream with Joe and Scott

Very Honoured to have SG Anon join us. He is Only on Rumble and Truth Social.
Here are his Links and they are Well Worth Listening to and Following.

Donald Marshall Info

Josey Dutch Info

TruthStream Info

Biden skips G20 Gala, White House says ‘Its Not COVID

President Joe Biden skipped a Pair of G20 Events on Tuesday in Indonesia, with the White House Explaining It wasNot COVID” and that the President had Other Things to Attend to.Biden was Scheduled to attend the G20 Gala Dinner at Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park in Bali, Along with a Cultural Event, but he Missed Both and Returned to his Hotel Earlier in the Night.

It’s Not COVID,” an Unnamed White House Staffer told Pool Reporter Geoff Earle, of the Daily Mail. “He Just had spent a Full Day in Meetings and Needed to Attend to a Few Things Tonight (Nothing Urgent!). He spoke to [Indonesian President Joko] Widodo to Send his Regrets about Missing the Dinner and Widodo said it was Not an issue and thr President looks Forward to Seeing him at the Mangrove Thing Tomorrow.

Biden is Scheduled to Participate in a Mangrove Tree Planting with G20 Leaders on Wednesday.

COVID 19 was Top of Mind because Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen Tested Positive for the Virus Just Days after Meeting with Biden. However, Biden Tested Negative on Tuesday Morning and was Not Considered a Close Contact. The White House said Previously Biden had a Cold.

Its been a Long Day, and he has Other Matters he needed to Attend To,” a White House Official said.

At the Gala Dinner that Biden Missed, Many Leaders wore Traditional Indonesian Batik Shirts, according to Reuters, and Host Widodo joked that he hoped the Food was Not Too Spicy for Goreigners.

Biden will begin making the Journey Back to Washington on Wednesday.

Haisten Willis | White House Reporter


November 15, 2022 09:56 AM

Supporters for Kari Lake Call for Military Intervention to Stop the Steal in her Governor’s Race

Image: Supporters for Kari Lake call for military intervention to stop the steal in her governor’s race

Natural News

Supporters of Arizona GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake are Desperately Seeking Help to stop Operatives from Snatching Away her Victory over Democratic Opponent and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

In Polling Head of Election Day, Lake had Pulled Ahead of Hobbs by a Small Amount which is Noteworthy given that Most MainStream Polling Favors or Oversamples Democrats. But after Days of ‘Counting Ballots,’ Lake has Never led Hobbs and is Now in Danger of BeingBeaten as Ballots coming from Areas of Maricopa County that are Heavily Republican Somehow are Favoring the Democratic Challenger.

That is Leading Some of Lake’s Supporters to Cry Foul and Call for Military Intervention

We the People are Requesting the Military to Step In and Redo our Election. It was Fake,” a Lake Supporter said during a Demonstration against Election Fraud, According to Big League Politics.

Lake has Repeatedly Promised to be a Major Thorn in the Sides of the Washington Rstablishment, Pledging to Declare a Border Invasion on Day One of her First Term, and Calling the Legislature into Special Session to Fix the State’s Atrocious Voting System, which leads to Days and Days of Counting. Florida, a Much Bigger State, Counted All of its Ballots in Less than a Day

“I’m going to be your Worst Fricking Nightmare for Eight Years, and we will Reform the Media as Well. We are going to Make you Guys into Journalists Again, So Get Ready. It’s gonna be a Fun Eight Years. I can’t wait to be Working with you,” Lake told a Reporter in the Week before the Election.

WRECKED: @KariLake absolutely OBLITERATES reporter attempting to bait her

“I’m gonna be your worst freakin NIGHTMARE, we’re going to make you guys into journalists again”

Drew Hernandez (@DrewHLive)

She also Pushed Back on the “Election Denier” Label that she’s been given by the Left Wing Media, which shills for Democrats.

So, it’s Okay for Democrats to Question Elections, but it’s Not Okay for Republicans?” Lake said. “It’s a Crock of BS, Everyone of you knows it, we have our Freedom of Speech, and we’re Not Gonna Relinquish it to a Bunch of Fake News Propagandists.”

Since 2000, People have Questioned the Legitimacy of our Elections and All we’re asking is that in the Future we don’t have that have to Happen Anymore,” she added.

When I’m Governor, we’re gonna Make Sure we have Honest Elections. We want the Democrats, Independents, and Republicans to All know their Votes Counted. We want Fair, Honest, and Transparent Elections,” Lake noted Further.

She also addressed the Disgrace that is the State’s Election System, and Questioned Why her Opponent did Not recuse herself from her Duties during the Election since the Secretary of State’s Office oversees Voting and Ballots.

She will be the One that would Certify the Election. She has a Lot to do with Registration, Voter Registration, All Kinds of Things, Voter Rolls and Advising Counties on How Many Ballots they’ll need,” Lake told Fox News Host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday.

We have Election Season Here. We start Voting about a Month before Election Day, and we keep Counting after Election Day, Forever. And we’re in the Process of Still Counting the Votes and There are About 300,000 Ballots that have Not Been Counted, This is According to the County Recorder,” she added.

Many of Them in Maricopa County, and They are from Heavy, Very Heavy, Republican Areas. So, we’re Waiting for the Vote to be Counted,” she said.

As for Hobbs, “We called for her to Recuse Herself in July of Last Year of 2021, Right after we got into the Race, Recognizing that there’s a Major Ethical Problem There,” Lake noted.

Obviously, just the Optics of it looks Bad. And she didn’t do That. Even though Many People have been Calling for her to Recuse Herself, it creates Problems, to say the Least,” she added.


Sources Includes


LIVE President Donald J Trump holds Special Announcement at the Mar a Lago Club

Published November 14, 2022

Livestream begins Nov 15, 9:00 pm EST

Join President Donald J Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, for a Special Announcement at the Mar a Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, at 9:00  PM EST.


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