Komorusan – Heaven Sent Second Coming Trump of God

Crushed Serpent (foto Before It’s News)

Heaven Sent Second Coming Trump of God

Published April 22, 2021


Very few know the History behind the Eighteen Missing Years of Jesus in the Bible. The Powers That Be wanted to make sure No One knew that that Jesus ended up in England with his Uncle Joseph of Arimathias. Joseph owned Tin Mines in the British Isles and took Jesus at theAage of twelve. Jesus stayed with his Uncle for Eighteen Years where he worked the Mines, Teached and Got Married. He had Siblings before going back to finish his Ministry. Jesus Genealogy has been kept Secret. They know who Trump is and they tremble..
Trump will lead the Righteous to end the Luciferian Reign on Earth so that God’s Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.


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