KMG – Chinese Communist Party (CCP): A Cult Bent on World Domination

“If you ask the worst mass murderer in World history for help what do you expect in return?

Chinese Communist Party (CCP): A Cult Bent on World Domination

The author is A member of Falun Gong, residing in Sweden. While he is justifiably opposed to the CCP, he forgets that the US and China are complicit in the Corona Virus hoax. Trump is part of the Zionist (Right) Communist (Left) charade mandated with starting World War III after his re election. Blaming China for the Corona Virus sets the stage for this cataclysm. The satanist iLLUMiNATi & Cabalist Jew & Masonic ) NWO will rise like A phoenix in its aftermath. 

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How could the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) get the MSM to support them in tarring Trump while the focus of Corona Virus blame is off themselves?

How could the CCP crash the World’s economies because of their Corona Virus while they go on as usual“?
Some countries even go so far as asking the CCP for expensive medical “aid“. 
If you ask the worst mass murderer in World history for help what do you expect in return?

Last week saw another low by A Western government when it came out in open support of the CCP.
The CBC (national Canadian television) aired A program on April 30th where they criticised the Epoch Times ( for delivering free copies of newspapers to local mailboxes with misleading information about the Corona Virus“.
The Epoch Times published information about the  CCP and their Corona Virus research and deliberate spread of the Virus across the World in their free newspaper.
The CBC’s excuse is that these news will create A wave of “xenophobia against Chinese and Asian people in Canada“. In reality it will cause people to oppose the CCP.

laowhy86 Communist China Has Taken Over Canada: CBC Exposed

Live gestreamd op 6 mei 2020

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I came across A pretty alarming news story coming from Canada’s public news network, the CBC which has literally been caught parroting the Communist Party of China’s propaganda.

The CBC video

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What they forget to mention is that the Epoch Times is run by Chinese Americans. These are desperate measures taken by A cornered tyrant doomed for destruction.
Let´s be clear. The CBC is doing the CCP’s work: blocking all information proving them as the World gangsters that they are. As far as I know this is the first time A Western national TV channel airs open support for the CCP.
In fact, the whole Western World has supported the murderous CCP regime since 1950 when cultural marxist Sweden was the first Western country acknowledged the CCP as A legitimate government well aware of the murderous tyrants in charge of the CCP.
The rest of the Westerndemocratic” governments followed Sweden – showing their true support for communism. The CCP emulated Joseph Stalin & Vladimir Lenin and murdered at least 80 million Chinese – the good people who opposed communism. God knows how many more they killed since 1999 when they started to persecute 100 million Falun Gong practitioners.
The new documentary from the Epoch Times claims that the CCP has researched Corona Virus and most probably produced the CoVid 19 virus in the Wuhan bioweapons lab after many years of research and the publishing of many research articles. The Corona Virus has components from HIV and SARS as well as some part from bats.
The CCP strategy was to spread the Corona Virus across the World. This is proven by their unwillingness to warn the World about the Corona Virus. The CIA had information about the Corona Virus in Wuhan already in November so when did the CCP have the information? Much earlier of course.
The question comes up, why would the CCP first spread the Corona Virus in China? The Corona Virus gives A perfect excuse to persecute dissidents inside China. Another reason is the fact that they needed smokescreens to cover up their War for World domination.

Epoch Times | Crossroads | OSHUA PHILIPPOn the origin of CCP Virus, Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Corona Virus (Documentary)

In première gegaan op 7 apr. 2020

As the world is gripped by the ongoing pandemic, many questions remain about the origin of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus – commonly known as the novel Corona Virus.

Join Epoch Times senior investigative reporter Joshua Philipp as he explores the known facts surrounding the CCP Virus and the global pandemic it caused.

In his investigation, Philipp explores the scientific data, and interviews top scientists and national security experts. And while the mystery surrounding the Virus’s origin remains, much is learned about the CCP’s cover up that led to the pandemic and the threat it poses to the World.

Editor’s note

From the start of the Corona Virus outbreak in China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has not been forthcoming with information about the Virus. In the early days of the outbreak, medical professionals who sounded the alarm were reprimanded by police for spreadingrumors.”

Initially, the CCP said the Corona Virus originated at the Huanan Seafood Market, even though it knew patient zero had no connection with the market. Fearing that it might be held accountable for the Worldwide pandemic, the CCP shifted its narrative to suggest that the Corona Virus originated in the United States and was brought to China by the US Military.

As a leading voice in covering China for the past 20 years, we understand very well the CCP’s deceptive nature and its history of cover ups. With this outbreak, we saw A case of history repeating itself in 2003, we exposed the CCP’s cover up of the SARS epidemic in China, far ahead of other Media.

In this documentary, we present viewers with the known scientific data and facts surrounding the origin of the Corona Virus along with experts’ opinions. We don’t draw conclusions, but we point out that serious questions remain about the origins of the Corona Virus as well as the CCP’s handling of the outbreak.

Some of our viewers felt the documentary was taking A position on the origin of the Corona Virus, which was not our intent. The documentary has been slightly updated as of April 14 to better reflect our position, which is not to provide A definitive answer, but rather to present the known facts.

#CCPVirus #Wuhan #CoronaVirus

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Updated on April 14, 2020.


Communism = Satanism (foto henry makov)

Communism = Satanism (foto henry makov)

The New World Order always has to give people the truth in some way. When people fail to act on the truth, they become accomplices. This is why we see so many international organizations and companies showing satanic signs at this moment. China is at War with the US. This was openly stated in June 2019 in People´s Daily in China and of course nobody paid attention.
The CCP will conquer the World using A cocktail of MSM, economic Warfare, pandemics and traitors in every government around the World. This is their plan and it will fail because many people are waking up to the danger.  The World won T ever look the same again; the battle will be global and it will be satanists against believers. There is an old catholic prophecy ( which states that all people will have to fight the devil or become enslaved.
Isn T the current state of affairs A pretty exact replica of the old prophecies? The prophesied red dragon is of course the CCP with their blood red flag.

Nazi salute China (foto

Nazi Salute in China (foto

Communist Masters are hell bent on stealing souls from God. How does the CCP steal souls in China? It forces all kids to make A solemn pledge to serve the CCP in front of the red flag from the age of six.
Tyrants like Mao Zedong are worshipped as Gods in plazas and restaurants with their huge portraits. In fact, atheism and communism is an evil cult in itself – a way of making people believe that they are Gods in themselves and have no need for morality or spiritual beliefs. Communist belief in violent revolution against Heaven, your fellow man, family, religion, nation and nature is nothing but a global, evil cult in itself.


Imagine why the CCP has branded Falun Gong its prime enemy. Falun Gong is A spiritual practice to achieve enlightenment and it supports traditional culture. It is based on truthfulness, compassion, tolerance in daily life, has no membership, no priests and it strengthens the practitioners health by meditation and qi gong exercises. People come and go as they wish. That is very hard to control and it’s the complete opposite of the CCP. That is why the CCP butchered these practitioners in droves in China.
What is the next step? People need to oppose the CCP and their Western puppets. It´s about time that people let their governments know that cooperation with the CCP is A “no no”or else they will go down along with it.
Trump is the first Western leader to openly oppose them and EUropeans need to step up and realize that Trump is good and the CCP is evil. We have been given A choice and when the MSM attacks Trump and supports the CCP you know who is good and evil.

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KMG adds
About your comment of me forgetting that Trump is allied with the CCP:
I am aware of the dialectic system but as I understand it the evil has to always give people A choice of leaderA better choice and A worse choicetraditionalist or modernist. They try to make people choose the worst leaders but if the people insist on traditionalism they will get A better alternative. Trump is the better alternative now but of course he is still A part of their machinery and he can T dominate it but he can create the end conflict and make the CCP come out in daylight.  We tend to forget that Satan is the God of this World according to the Bible.

Henry Makow, May 9, 2020

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