Kirby Ferguson – Everything is a Remix (all parts)

Gepubliceerd op 22 feb. 2013

UPDATE: Kirby Ferguson has uploaded a ‘remastered’ version of the series on his channel. It is pretty much concatenation of the four separate episodes but without the two extra The Matrix and Kill Bill extras. The ‘remastered’ version can be seen at .

A remix/concatenation of a four-part documentary by Kirby Ferguson — a writer, director and producer who has created dozens of comedic short films and gotten over four million views on the web — in which he argues that everything is a remix, and that all original material builds off of and remixes previously existing material.

This remix glues all four parts of the documentary and two supplements (“Everything is a Remix: Kill Bill” and “Everything is a Remix: The Matrix” edited by Robert Wilson) together into a single video. Such a format may be better for a “lean and watch” mode as it does not require switching between videos and removes some duplicate content (mostly from the “Kill Bill” supplement). It also removes Kirby’s afterword from parts one through three leaving only the one at the very end.

Correction: at 6:37 there are actually 76/100 sequels/remixes, see

Original documentary can be found at
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Also be sure to take a look at “This is Not a Conspiracy Theroy” at
Finally, you can find “Everything is a Remix: The TED Talk” at which condenses the documentary into 10 minute talk, and a iPhone case study at

Some music changed compared to the original:
04:37 — larzgallows – The Rain Song Cover:
11:49 – Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92 — Allegretto with John Michel playing the cello:
15:10 — Quincy Jones — Ironside:
31:56 — DJMyrkat — Ambient:
33:06 — Sunsearcher — Movie Rhythm 1:
45:20 — Miłosz S. — Rain: