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Elvis Presley Interview about How he Faked his Own Death

Gepubliceerd 3 aug 2022

Killer Industries


Did Elvis Presley Fake his Death? The Elvis is Alive Theory Explained

Gepubliceerd 16 apr 2021

Vinyl Rewind

Did Elvis Presley Really Die in 1977? The Truth Behind the Cover Up. Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with Promo Code VINYLREWIND at
Is Elvis Alive and In Hiding, did he Fake his Death after Ratting on the Mob, was there ACoverup, are the Elvis Sightings Real? Find Out the Truth and More in this Video

00:00  Intro
00:54  The Theory
02:04  (1) Real Life
  (2) Death
(3Elvis Sightings
. Manscaped
. Fun Fact

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Who Killed Elvis Presley? A Special Investigation

Published  16 okt 2018

60 Minutes Australia

When Elvis Presley Died in 1977, the Official Explanation was A Heart Attack but this 1979 Special Investigation reveals A Massive Coverup by Police and Medical Authorities.

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Elvis and The Memphis Mafia (Full Movie)

Published 19 aug 2020


Elvis Presley had A Select Group of Friends he Entrusted with his Life. Through Never Seen before Interviews, this Documentary will Explore Elvis’Life through the Eyes of The Memphis Mafia, from the Highs, () to the Lows.

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Liza Johnson – Elvis and Nixon (2016)

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