Kembrew McLeod – Salvador Dali on “What’s My Line?” + Bartosz Beda – Shocking Salvador Dali Interview (1955) + Storia – Dali’ intervista Carlo Mazzarella (1959)

Salvador Dali (foto

Salvador Dali on “What’s My Line?

Published 15 mei 2007

This ten minute Clip is drawn from the famous 1950’s Game Show, and it’s quite Surreal. I don’t use the Word Surreal loosely. The Special Guest is Salvador Dali.


Shocking Salvador Dali Interview (1955)

Published 12 mei 2020

Today, I was celebrating my Birthday, but instead of showing you a Video of my Cake, I decided to upload the Interview with Salvador Dali.

I was born on the same day as Salvador Dali. I was a Fan of his Work since I was a Young Boy. I look at him and get inspired. I hope you can get inspired too.

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Born in Poland in 1984, Bartosz Beda relocated to the United Kingdom in 2008. After graduating with a Master of Arts in Fine Art in 2011, he was selected for the 2012 Catlin Art Guide as one of the Most Promising Emerging Artists in the UK. In 2012, Beda was Short Listed for Saatchi New Sensations Exhibition in London for Most Exciting Graduate Students in the UK, and won the esteemed Towry Award for the Best of North of England, as well as a six month Scholarship to Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, Germany. Beda had Solo Exhibitions at Galleria Liebre, Spain (2013), BAC Gallery, Colombia (2015), Jackson Teed, England (2016), Rosemary Duffy Larson Gallery, USA (2017), Hopkins Center For The Arts, USA (2019), Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, USA (2019) and received a Fellowship from Fondazione Perl’Arte in Rome, Italy in 2016 and Artist in Residence at GoggleWorks Center for the Arts, USA (2018).

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Dali’ intervista Carlo Mazzarella (1959)

Published 13 sep. 2010

Alberto Lanteri


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