Keeping It Real Art Critics – KIRAC (22) Reasons of Ego

KIRAC (22) Reasons of Ego (foto YouTube)

KIRAC (22) Reasons of Ego

Gepubliceerd 21 dec. 2020

Wassup Dudes!

Enjoy Reasons of Ego. Oscar van der Kroon works for Dutch public television. He wants to do Avant Garde Television but his mediocrity is holding him back. At the end of the Episode, he promises to do some introspection.

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KIRAC bounces into institutions, art dealers, artists, and other members of the cultural establishment, creating new artistic territory as they go. The recurring characters are living out their own cultural and mythological search for truth. KIRAC is a loosely orchestrated, and meticulously assembled perspective on the different ideological and cultural frameworks that define our time. Every episode defines a specific mentally projected ‘problem’ and instead of solving the problem ideologically, KIRACshows’ the labyrinths of thought and their institutionalised and sometimes enforced hierarchies.


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