Keeping It Real Art Critics – KIRAC (16): King Philip and the Pied Flycatcher

Gepubliceerd op 20 okt. 2019

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Team KIRAC is broke again and hopes to extract some money from King Philip, a millionaire art collector. But Philip lures them into a strange affair with a bunch of other millionaires and international star curator Charles Esche.

With contributions by Middle East expert Amr El-Abyad (follow his Facebook he’s great), Kitty Herweijer, Bertje Bru, Moulay Slimane and leading roles for Tarik Sadouma aka Jaafar El-Hazred, Philip van den Hurk, Inge van den Hurk and of course museumdirector and curator Charles Esche.

Amsterdam, Philips garden and Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven.


What is KIRAC?
KIRAC bounces into institutions, art dealers, artists, and other members of the cultural establishment, creating new artistic territory as they go. The recurring characters (1) are living out their own cultural and or mythological search for truth. KIRAC is a loosely orchestrated, and meticulously assembled perspective on the different ideological and cultural frameworks, that define our time. Every episode defines a specific mentally projected ‘problem’ and instead of solving the problem ideologically, KIRAC ‘shows’ the labyrinths of thought and their institutionalised and sometimes enforced hierarchies.

(1) Recurring characters: Stefan Ruitenbeek (artist, 1982, Breda), Kate Sinha (archaeologist, 1988, Deventer) and to a lesser degree Tarik Sadouma, Gerda Jonkerman and Paul van Esch.


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