Keeping It Real Art Critics – KIRAC (5) ‘The Tears of Mara McCarthy’ Crying Gallerist at Frieze Art Fair, London

KIRAC (5) ‘The Tears of Mara McCarthy‘  (foto YouTube)

KIRAC (5) ‘The Tears of Mara McCarthyCrying Gallerist at Frieze Art Fair, London

Gepubliceerd 16 okt. 2016


The Tears of Mara McCarthy KIRAC (5)

KIRAC was Asked by Rotary Club to make a Little Promo Video for Collecting Art. Frieze Art Fair was Very Supportive of Giving KIRAC Access. We were Allowed to Film from 1 till 5, but they Wanted us To Leave after 30 minutes because a Gallery Owner got Upset.

Involved and Tagged People
Tarik Sadouma, Kate Sinha, Stefan Ruitenbeek, Mara McCarthy, Wally Hedrick, Simone Forti, David Hoyland, Jon Rafman, Stefan Simchowitz.


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