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The Evil Dead (foto Giphy)


Published 1 nov. 2019

In Law, A DEAD Man has No Rights (…) While You are Dead, the Administrator Trustee, has Total Control over Your Estate, (Birth Right Ownership over the Mineral and Energy Wealth of the Country You were Born On) because You are Assumed Dead () If You were Assumed Legally Dead at such A Young Age and You Never Returned Back to Your True Correct Birth Right Legal Standing without Making A Will or an Agreement of Compensation in Order to Enter into Their Fraud, (Because You were Too Young to Know and You were Never Told), Your Whole Life as an Assumed Legally DeadPerson” will be Under the Total Control of the Person that Perpetrated the Fraud against You in the First Place () If the Registrar General of Your Birth Certificate is A Banker of the Foreign Private Rothschild S Banking System, than that is Your Master within Their Legally Dead World, You left Your Real Christ () The World of Mamon and Usury is the Underworld of the Legally Dead and if your Equity Dies (Your Real Body) While You Remain in Their System of the Legally Dead, So does Your True God Given Rights that was Only Given to the Living, Die along with It () To Let Go of the Underworld Gutter of Mamon is to Reclaim Your “Life but Too Many People Love the Life of the Underworld Mamon Too Much to Ever Let Go of the Legal Titles of the World of the Legally Dead () Once You Let Go of the Legal Title, the Equity returns on the Condition You Know Who YouReallyAre, as in Your Real Name, Your Real Date of Birth and Your Real Number in Registry (…) Being “BIRTHED” into the Underworld is being Birthed into Legal Death ()


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