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Most Women Cheat In Relationships

First published at 02:04 UTC on January 9th, 2022

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Terry and here’s what he briefly has to say: “Hi Sandman, Keep going with your content. Your video of the friends with benefits reminds me of a time was I was in US Army! This girl one night when I was on guard duty approached me and offered sex! I had one more hour of duty so she waited! Then later that night I smashed her! She then said she was waiting for husband to arrive but she loved being with me! This shocked me to literal core! I found out later this girl had the kid and became an adult star! I just stated laughing uncontrollably!” unquote. Well Terry thanks for the donation and sharing your story. Recently I was talking to someone in one of my one on one chats and let’s call him Steve. He was sharing a story about how his his girlfriend, now ex girlfriend was hanging around with a male friend for four or five hours while he wasn’t there. He had security cameras pick it up and he asked her what was going on. She just claimed they were friends but we all know that’s probably not the case. Even after being devastated by this woman everyone is cheating these days. So after the end of his relationship he gets together from time to time with a woman that’s cheating on her husband. I don’t want to question the ethics of his decision to cheat after he himself had just been cheated on but I’m just trying to point out that society has normalizing this sort of behavior. Most of the time guys don’t even know about how the woman they have a one night stand with has a boyfriend and possibly children at home. You learned that Terry and it was shocking to you but it’s not so shocking anymore. The truth is most of us can’t get our emotional, intellectual, financial or sexual needs met from only one person. In fact it’s dangerous from a psychological point of view to rely on one person too heavily or you run the risk of becoming co-dependent. For most of human relationship history in civilization we have been co-dependent. It provides a stable physical world to raise children in but the men and women suffer as a result. The person we find emotional support with and financial stability might not be the same person that fulfills our deepest darkest sexual desires. I don’t know about you by my partners never fulfilled me intellectually very much. I preferred it that way and relied mostly on the social, sexual and emotional parts to be fulfilling. I believe that men are capable of getting more fulfillment from their partners than women which is probably one of the the reasons women are more likely to cheat on us rather than the other way around. That and hypergamy and never being satisfied with what they have. I’m sure the numbers would be a lot more equal if women had lower standards and threw themselves at more men sexually and if men were as smart as women when planning the cheating and getting away with it in the first place. I’ll discuss more in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today’s sponsor Cash Discount Pro.

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The Danger Of Stupid Women

First published at 02:20 UTC on January 10th, 2022

Sandman MGTOW


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Surviving 4th Wave Feminism

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a Donation from Lord Jaguar and here’s what he has to say”To Sandman it’s been a while, but I ran across this link on YouTube and I thought of you and the Community. If you could please cover the video I’ve attached with this message and tell us your thoughts on it, that would be great. It’s called “The Five Laws Of Stupidity“. Well your highness thanks for the donation and topic. I put the link to the video in the description so people can watch it for themselves. The video is based on an article by someone named Carlo Cipolla. He was an economic historian in the 1970s and wrote that provocative article titled “The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity“. His theory is all about the destructiveness of stupid behavior and why it is so underestimated and misunderstood. The article is written in a humorous and sarcastic way as to not offend people. Political correctness in 1970s Italy. Who would have thought? He came up with the five laws of stupidity and tries to prove why stupid people are the most dangerous. The whole thing again is written as a though provoking joke. Cipolla says that far too often if you’re an intelligent person you will mistake stupidity for other things. The first of his five laws is that everyone underestimates the number of stupid people. I would agree except perhaps the elites who tend to manipulate stupid people with mainstream media so they can accomplish their agendas) Stupid people is also why communism failed. When communists take over they typically kill the smart and successful people and then the society is bound to collapse at some point. Carlo says that the reason we underestimate the number of stupid people is because we judge them based on superficial criteria like their job, education, class, race and how well spoken they are. It’s almost as if all of those things are used by dumb people masquerade as being intelligent themselves when they aren’t. After all most people go to college these days for the credentials and not the education they receive. I’ll get to the other 4 laws of stupidity in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today’s sponsor Surviving 4th Wave Feminism: Anyways, now back to stupid people pretending to be smart so they can get ahead in life clown world show. If fake it til you make it didn’t work then people wouldn’t be doing it and fooling all the so called intelligent people doing it. The second point Carlo makes is that the probability is that a person is stupid is independent of every other characteristic. No correlation. For example there are stupid nobel prize winners. This makes me wonder. Maybe stupidity comes on a spectrum and Carlo illustrates that it does based in his four quadrant approach. He says there are four different categories. The intelligent person is in the top right because he helps himself while helping others. The are in the win/win category. The Bandit, or bad guys or gals are in the bottom right because they help themselves but hurt others so they win for themselves but others lose. Then in the top left you have the suckers that help other win but they themselves lose. They are the altruistic ones. They suffer to help others succeed. Finally you have the stupid people which are in the bottom left because they don’t help themselves and don’t help others. They are a drag one themselves and the rest of the human race. Carlo defines a stupid person as one that hurts themselves and those around them as well. Thanks to this I now understand that for most of my life I’ve been with stupid women. I guess I find that sex is best when they are stupid.

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These Women Are Making Me Crazy

First published at 01:23 UTC on January 11th, 2022

Most Red Pill Influencers have Likely Suffered Some Sort of Trauma https://www.reddit.com/r/PurplePillDebate/comments/qxv5gm/most_red_pill_influencers_have_likely_suffered/
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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Mr. Anonymous.
He didn’t give me a Topic so want to discuss a Reddit Post called: “Most Red Pill Influencers have likely suffered some sort of trauma”. It’s on the purple pill subreddit and someone named CMV has this to say and I quote: “I’m a guy who follows the Red Pill itself but one thing that strikes me about a lot of Red Pill YouTubers like Fresh and Fit, FITXFEARLESS, AMS is that a lot of them seem to have some sort of trauma that has lead them to their views, it has lead them to a degenerate lifestyle and creating platforms to give new Red Pillers some instant gratification of “Oh smash them hoes, don’t put women on a pedestal fuck yeah!” Yes you shouldn’t put anyone on a pedestal, but you fall into a lifestyle of being a low quality man who’s getting his shwing shwang sucked in nightclubs for some coke. It tells men to not be obsessed with women yet they proceed to make hours and hours of content about women. These guys had to have had some bad feces happen to them to make them so bitter towards women when that’s not what The Red Pill is about at all, they’re taking that degenerate casual sex lifestyle and glorifying it while ignoring every other aspect. All their videos are “Get in the gym, get money, smash them thots” like no it’s more than that, especially if the people that are watching that stuff want a relationship, they aren’t going to get a high quality relationship if they become obsessed with this stuff. Instead of becoming a good man, responsible and successful, instead of being a gentleman they become just as low value as the women they claim supposedly are.” Well Mr. Anonymous thanks for the donation. This purple pilled punk claims that he’s red pilled and understands female nature yet he’s out there painting the entire red pill community with one brush. The guys he’s talking about are in the pickup artist community and he points to the worst examples in that community. The hustlers trying to get laid and trying make money promoting the idea that they understand female nature and because of that they can sell you seminars like Tommy Woo. The red pill community is vast and CMV appears to share the example of the PUAs which are the most sleazy in my opinion. Not all of them. There are good ones but Fresh and Fit is a bad example. At least the PUAs tell guys that if they want a woman in their lives then they need to work out and make themselves the prize and just wait until the female orbiters show up and then pick one of them. It works and how exactly does making oneself a prize in the gym turn you into a bad person? CMW says that instead of becoming a good, responsible, successful gentleman they become as low value as women supposedly are. We all know what happened to the supreme gentleman Elliot Roger. If he had worked out and some homely looking woman found his body attractive maybe he wouldn’t have gone out on a rampage? Anyways, I’ll discuss more and get into how the red pill has made many red pill content creators a little bit crazy when it comes to women in just a moment. But let me first tell everyone about today’s sponsor Chris Whalen:

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I Know Why There Are 57 Genders

First published at 01:23 UTC on January 11th, 2022

Sandman MGTOW



The Men’s Guide to High Conflict Divorce

What Is The Trans Agenda?

Ameca Humanoid Robot AI Platform

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Hi Everyone, Sandman Here,

This Video is Brought to you by a Donation from Spencer.

He didn’t give me a Topic so I wanted to cover a deo called What is the Trans Agenda?” by Someone named James Corbett which I’ve linked to in the Description. He was Kicked Off of YouTube a while back for his Show the Corbett Report. So he had to create a New Channel because I believe he received a Strike for Medical mMsinformation. He looks like he’s a Bald Western Man with lower SMV in the Canada so he moved to Japan to start a family. He received a question about the trans agenda from one of his viewers and he said that he didn’t notice much of the same sorts of insanity that we see in the west in Japan where he’s currently living. While he doesn’t say it directly in his video he implies that trans humanism and the trans gender agenda are very closely linked. I really suggest you watch the video to understand what he’s talking about. He even has Ray Kurzweil the author of the age of spiritual machines communicating as a female avatar. The idea of course is that after the singularity and we are all living a virtual meta verse existence the gender in such a reality would be a choice. But we all know how over the last few years you had the choice to get a jab or not be able to participate in soyciety. James didn’t say it but I knew exactly where he was going with the video. First they will give you freedom to choose which of the 57 genders you want to be. Just like they gave us freedom to express ourselves using social media until they eventually give all kids puberty blockers and make them non-binary until they choose. Just like the state is now deciding if you can have various freedoms if you’re jabbed or not imagine if you don’t behave yourself they can decide if you will develop into a male or female or not? Could it be that they want a loss of complete bodily autonomy for the human race? Was James too scared to say that? I don’t know but that’s all I could think about while watching his video. Imagine that you can’t rebel as a man against the state if the state identifies your rebellious nature when you’re six or seven and doesn’t give you access to testosterone, the hormone of the gods that’s found in you naturally to become a threat later. People are accepting this one step at a time. It’s really scary. First it was the trans thing. Now they accept non binary people. Is the final agenda to have almost everyone be non-binary in a binary digital world in the metaverse once our biological and digital identities fuse into one? I’ll discuss more in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today’s sponsor The Men’s Guide To High Conflict Divorce: Anyways, now back to the elites trying to turn the masses into the borg collective clown world show. James Corbett shows us a clip from the BBC where a girl is sitting at a table telling her parents that she is trans. Her parents support her decision to become a male. But then she says that she’s not transgender but transhuman. She says that she wants to digitize herself so that she can live forever. Her parents say but what will happen to her body. She says she won’t need it anymore so it will be recycled. Then they say so you’ll be dead but she doesn’t think about the question of consciousness. Is it in our body or is it external. Is your soul in your body or can it be transferred into a machine. If it could be transferred to a machine then imagine if it could never leave? I’m bringing up some massive questions I haven’t heard anyone bring up before. I can’t help but think about how many stupid people will volunteer to digitize themselves. It’s like walking yourself into a gas chamber thinking you’re turning yourself into a god.

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Women Are Always Victims (MGTOW)

First published at 01:03 UTC on January 15th, 2022.

Sandman MGTOW


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In this Episode, we cover the Latest Push for War with Russia as Joseph Biden and his Media | intelligemce Minions begin to Foment Anger Using Mass Formation Psychosis and Propaganda to Cover Up for Joe’s Own Domestic Policy Failures and Criminally Corrupt Family, January 6 Committee trying to CoerceBig Tech Goons into Doxxing a Bunch of MAGA Moms for Starting an “iNsUrreCtIoN“, Racist LeftistNewsDenying Medical Care to the Unvaxxed, and Much More News.

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Insurrection Definition abd  MeaningMerriam Webster
The Meaning of INSURRECTION is a Usually Violent Attempt to take Control of a Government. How to use Insurrection in a Sentence.

CNN – Here’s what ‘Insurrection,’ ‘Coup‘ and ‘Sedition‘ mean

https://www.cnn.com › 2021/12/13 › Politics › Insurrection (…)

1 dag geleden – According to Merriam Webster, “Insurrection” is the “Act of Revolting Against civil Authority or an Established Government.” Other Definitions, (…)

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A week after the Riot, the House of Representatives Impeached Trump for Incitement of Insurrection, making him the Only US President to have been (…)

Wall Street Journal – The Capitol Riot Really was an Insurrection

https://www.wsj.com/ › () Letters
2 dagen geleden – Jeffrey Scott Shapiro is Correct that Insurrection under 18 USC 2383 is a (…) The TermsRebellion” and “Insurrection” in the Statute are (…)
18 november 2021  –  Insurrection, an Organized and Usually Violent Act of Revolt or Rebellion against an Established Government or Governing Authority.