Jules Otto Official – The Making of the album of Nightporter “In the Valley Of Wolves” (Complete film)

In the Valley of Wolves (foto YouTube)Nightporter | In a Valley of Wolves (foto bol.com)And then there’s music (foto YouTubeArrived at The Drowned Earth with my thirst (foto YouTube)Whiskey please, do you have Cutty Sark (foto YouTube)

The third one was a vision (foto YouTube)
I’ll dance when I am drunk (foto YouTube)Even my ex showed up tonight (foto YouTube)Then it’s time for the main act (foto YouTube)Hey, what is your name (foto YouTube)Even dressed I feel naked (foto YouTube)Nightporter, you look desperate (foto YouTube)

The Making of the album of Nightporter “In the Valley Of Wolves” (Complete film)

Gepubliceerd op 26 sep. 2020

Jules Otto Official channel


This movie is a document of the making of In a valley of wolves by Nightporter. The material is made by producer Jules Otto who just wanted to capturee the special proces. This movie shows the love and passion of a four year creative proces done by the artist Mark Ritsema and producer Jules Otto, to create the amazing album “In a Valley Of Wolves” by Nightporter, and the all the people who make this project possible. I’m so proud that I can share one of the most beautifully moments of my life. You will see great artist like Rotterdam cult singer Mark Ritsema, the greatest Portuguese singer of all time Rue Veloso, and Dutch Belgium Wild Romance guitar God Dany Lademacher at work. Tthis is a true and honest document. Enjoy. A true look in the kitchen, studio, the making of a album.

Greetings, Jules Otto

The album is for example available on iTunes, Amazon et cetera.


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