Judy Byington – Tsunami to Hit US, Europe; Expected to Kill Millions: No Warning Planned

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Tsunami to Hit US, Europe; Expected to Kill Millions: No Warning Planned


Scientists claimed that as of yesterday there was a 50/50 Chance and merely a Matter of Time before Every Major City 20 miles Inland of the US East and South Coasts would Be Wiped Out, with Millions Killed Both in the US and Europe by a Tsunamis caused by Volcanic Eruptions on the Island of La Palma in the Canary Islands.

Last night New Data indicated that Damage would also occur Roughly 32 kilometers into the Broadside of Europe’s Connection to the Atlantic Ocean.

Although for months Geologists found that Volcanic eEuptions would cause a Piece of the Island to eventually Break Off and Fall into the Ocean, the Cabal Owned MainStream Media has Neglected to Cover the Story – Not Surprising since their iLLUMiNATi Agenda was to Depopulate the Planet.

Of Concern was that during the Event, No Action would be made to Inform or Protect a Single Soul According to a Geologist Working at La Palma,
I am a Geologist currently working under an NDA as a Contractor to Develop a Plan of Action in the Event of a Cataclysm. According to a Memo I recently Received from my Employer a decision has been made that any effort made to evacuate citizens will be untenable, and thus the need to even prepare or mitigate damages to life or property will not be executed.”

“It was that Very Island which was currently Seeing Swarms of Earthquakes, Leading Scientists to believe the Volcano there will Erupt, if it erupts and the South Western Flank Falls into the Ocean Causing a Tsunami as many Expect it would, the US East Coast would be Blind Sided because 80% of Our Tsunami Warning Buoys are Not Working.”
Battleground Research

The Adds of Massive Landslides cCusing Equally Massive Tsunamis on the Island located 700 miles off of the African Coast, were at a 50/50, with the Tdds iIcreasing every day.

Three of the Five Tsunami Warning Buoys Protecting the US East Coast was Offline and a Fourth was Malfunctioning, leaving only one Huoy in the Atlantic Ocean to Warn Americans if a tsunami wave was coming at them from the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands.”

Although the La Palma Volcano has been Erupting for Months the new and More Accurate Data came in last night at around 5:45 PM from Seismic Monitors installed just days ago on the Island. They suggested the La Palma Volcano has entered a Stage in its Eruption whereas a Major Fault Line would soon cause Part of the Island to Fall into the Ocean.


Video of La Palma Tsunami that could hit East Coast of the US

Potential Tsunami could hit East Coast of the US and Canada. Major Cities Affected

• Delaware
• 99% of Florida
• Portland and Augusta, ME
•  Boston, MA
• Stamford and New Haven, CT
• Providence, RI
• Baltimore, MD
• Washington, D.C.
• New York City and Long Island, NY
• Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, Tom’s River, Atlantic City, NJ
• Houston, TX
• New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA
• Savannah, GA
• Charleston and Myrtle Beach, SC
• Wilmington, Greenville, and Fayetteville, NC
• Virgina Beach, Norfolk, and Richmond, VA

La Palma Volcano Lava Hits Ocean, Creating a Pyramid and Toxic Gas Risk
NY Times

According to PROJECT CAMELOT  h

Ward & Day Paper:

The fault structure of the island was Deep Underground. The Iplift in the Fault Zone was Now over 12 centimeters. The Fault has not been properly Monitored since AD 2000
We estimate the onshore waves to the UK would be 5 to 7 mts high (not great), more a danger to the East Coast of the Americas due to the directional bias of the energy outflow.”
We again urge a Contingency Plan be formulated to Warn low lying Coastal Towns of the English Channel, Irish Sea and Bristol Channel to pPrepare for what would be no more than a 6 to 9 hours Warning from a MajorLandslide.
THIS IS NOT A DRILL. One is looking at Flooding and probably 12 Wave Fronts, of which the Second and Third would be Greater than the First after ‘Draw Back’ indicating the First Wave is within One Minute of Impact. THIS IS REAL DATA from Previous Pacific Analysis of Analyzed Events. Be prepared to close the ‘Thames Barrier’ at very Short Notice.
The Geologist on the Island warned, “Because of the Decisions made by my Employer by Contract, I feel as I have a Unique Duty in Informing the Masses (as best as I am currently allowed hence my Posting here) that they are not going to be making Any Action whatsoever in the Event a Tsunami Approaches.Please Don’t Mistake this Moment. Prepare your Families now and leave Coastal Towns NOW. Stay at Family or Friends Houses Further inland. Do this until the Seismic Activity has ceased.
I am posting here today (on Telegram because my Entire Digital Platform Portfolio has effectively been given a Death Hug. All of my Social Media aAcounts have been Banned, and I am currently Ianned on any Google Based Platform, along with Twitter and Facebook.”

Before It’s News, Sunday, October 3, 2021 12:02


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