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Tortured Baby Corpses Come to Surface During European Floods

Around 600 Corpses of Tortured Babies lay in a Bad Neuenahr Ahrweiler, Germany, Gymnasium, this week according to Eyewitnesses. The Bodies had washed up into Homes and Rivers during extensive Floods and were believed from an Extensive Underground Tunnel System where Children were Tortured, Organs and Blood Harvested for Elites to drink in Satanic Worship. The Rivers were now Guarded by the Military with the only Information let out about the Dead Children was that they didn’t appear to be from the Region and hadn’t Died from Drowning, or Natural Causes.

Since July 2019 Special Military Forces have found Piles of Little Corpses, Babies Born to Teens and even Pre Teens in an Extensive Matrix of Underground Tunnels who had never seen the Light of Day, Deformed and Traumatized Children, Pre Teens and Teens who were evidently Experimented upon and Electro Shocked as Part of CIA Mind Control and Genetic Experiments, Sexually Abused, Locked in Cages, Tortured and Killed to Harvest their Organs and Adrenochrome for the eEites to Drink in Satanic Worship.

Back in 2018 US Special Forces began training on how to Rescue Children and Destroy Tunnels in an Extensive Series of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB‘s) that circled the Globe. They have been joined by the Military of various Nations. Their first Rescue was on 4 July 2019 at the China Lake Naval Base in California where around 3,000 Tortured Children were found.

More Bodies of Dead Children being washed up from Underground Tunnels was expected in not only Germany, but in many areas such as Belgium, the Czech Republic and the Hague in The Netherlands, where over 1,400 Dead Children had come to the surface, as did even more in the United Kingdom during these Great Floods of 2021.

By April 2020 the Count was over 50,000 Traumatized, Malnourished and Deceased Children who had been pulled out of Underground Tunnels across the Nation by the US Military and Marines since July 2019. The Count now was in the millions across the Globe, with Australia alone finding over a million Abused and Tortured Children. The Operations were Authorized under President Trump as Commander in Chief and Military Generals of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force working with Military Special Forces Teams Internationally including Interpol.

The CIA, Vatican and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) were believed to be Central to an International Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring (Adrenochrome was the Blood of a Traumatized Child said to create a High and reverse AgingHighly Prized by the Global Elite).

Right now there were 20,000 US Troops in Germany and 25,000 Troops in Hungary who had Rescued over a million Children from and cleaned out a Series of DUMB‘s.

Malnourished, Caged and Tortured Children have been Rescued, or found Deceased, in Underground Tunnels beneath US Cities, including The White House and New York’s Central Park. Another Tunnel was said to run from the Clinton Foundation Building to the New York Harbor. The Extensive Tunnel Matrixwas present in the US from California to New York, Canada to Mexico, ran down to South America and throughout Europe, Italy (beneath the Vatican and Venice) went over to Switzerland and up to the Hague, and the other way to Israel to New Zealand. The Deep Underground Tunnels were found throughout the Middle East centered in Lebanon, with an Extensive System circling Australia – connecting every major Capitol throughout the Globe.

On Sun. 23 May Russian and US Military Special Forces Hijacked from the Suez Canal, a Container Ship called Evergreen. The Vessel was stacked six Stories high and found Loaded with 1,356 Dead and around 1,267 barely Living Children.

The CCP had loaded Evergreen and 29 Surrounding Vessels with Barrels of Adrenochrome and Aborted Baby Fetuses, Nuclear Weapons and other Weapons of Mass Destruction, plus Chemicals designed to cause Climate Change and increase the Number of CV 19 Cases. The CCP planned to detonate the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Israel and Saudi Arabia to bring about the Prophesized War between the Muslims and Christians.

A Trooper who was part of Child Rescue Efforts at the Naval Base at China Lake, California, said, “On 4 July 2019 at 2 AM PDT we surprised Personnel at the Naval Base. We took over the Base and rescued approximately 3,000 Children being Tortured in Ways beyond Comprehension.”

The Child Sex Trafficking Rescue under Direction of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force actually started back in July 2018 when over 10,000 US Special Operatuins Military Troops began Training for the Rescue from DUMBS across the Globe of what became millions of severely Abused Children. Since then a Total of over 1,000 Soldiers were said to have Died Rescuing the Children and Cleaning out the DUMBS.



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The Underground War Happening Now (1)

Published 8 jan. 2020

USA and World Wide Removal of Evil Control Matrix. Light is Winning. Physical Plane Clean Up. DUMB Removals.


The Underground War Happening Now (2)

Published 8 jan. 2020

The Underground War Happening Now (2)
Massive Bore Machines explained. More info about the The Underground War Happening Now January 2020.

Whats this all mean?
Mass Arrests on the Surface of Earth planned for spring of 2020?
All DUMB Removal starts in the USA?
Are Dark Factions holding down the DUMB’s in China, Iran and Israhell?
Will we hear of Conflicts and DUMB take outs in these Areas in early 2020?
How many months will it take for Trials?
Will Trials extend into Europe, Arrests of very Powerful World Controllers in late 2020?

How many People are stepping down from Positions of Power?
Notable Resignations, Current, World Wide, Tracked here since 2017

Love and Light is overtaking the Dark.

Victory of the Light!


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