Juan O Savin – The REAL Story Of The Obama’s, Epstein!

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The REAL Story Of The Obama‘s, Epstein!

First published at 18:52 UTC on February 19th, 2021
Pictures of President Obama when he was young and with his mother, at the airport, with his grandparents on the bench, and many other pictures; those pictures are all photoshopped.

All of those pictures are photoshopped. That entire history of President Obama, who had this young life and with Grandma and Grandpa and Mom and everybody else, they’re not true. They’re not real.

And great analysts; people with real skill sets have looked at those pictures and concluded that the majority of the pictures we’re presented about Obama’s young life are absolutely false.

That’s an important point. Why would you have to falsify that kind of imagery or information? Because, they’re trying to present a story, a myth, and to get you to go along with it. It’s not even just about believing it. They’re giving you reasons for believing the rest of what they’ve said.

Obama’s mother was an operative, an asset, in the control of; working for the CIA. Obama’s grandparents were active participants in CIA and FBI covert intelligence gathering operations and in protecting intelligence assets such as De Marcos, monitoring Frank Marshall Davis.

The daughter, President Obama’s mother was, as a teenager, as a pre adult, a young woman, 16 to 17 years old, modeling in Frank Marshall Davis’ sex magazine; trying to go head to head with Hugh Hefner and Playboy – same people funding him, but far less successful.

And his wasn’t the [unintelligible] rather mundane topless photos of Playboy and a little bit risqué. His were far darker; sexual masochistic scenes and domination scenes.

He had Obama’s mother, as a young teen who was doing things that we’re talking about, now with the young girls that were tied to Jeffrey Epstein.

And again, who was running Jeffrey Epstein? That was an intelligence operative working for multiple intelligence agencies, not just the CIA, not just Mossad, but MI6, also.

This was a joint venture, in order to create honeypots, in order to manipulate and control people. And by bringing people like Prince Andrew into the equation, it’s not so much to, for example to control Prince Andrew, not at all.

It was about him [Andrew] bringing other people with him and making them feel that since he’s doing it, they could do it, also without a problem. And then they’re trapped, and then they’ve got these pictures. He [Andrew] was in on this, as part of the honey trap operation.

So, when we go to these images of Obama as a youth, they are presenting you with the narrative that was concocted; that was created by people in the intelligence arena, in order to fool the American People.

Those images weren’t created, doctored, manufactured back in the ’60s. Those images were created in the late ’70s early ’80s.

That’s when the people decided to use Obama, both to get him into the senatorship and then having been successful to that point, throwing caution to the wind and running him all the way to the Presidency.

He was a tool. Somebody’s creation for their intelligence and manipulating operation, to put this New World Order agenda or theme, their quest, their goal.

And of course, what was really going on is the creation of Brennan. Brennan was creating these false histories. That was his job over at CIA. That’s why he’s rewarded, both with being put in charge, as Station Chief in Saudi Arabia and later, as Director of CIA. He could protect Obama’s true history, protect the lies, the illusion; while Obama himself was just a sock puppet being used by people behind the scenes; these high priests of the New World Order, to complete the task ahead for them; to have planetary control for Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, himself.

These are Satan worshipers. These are very evil people. How evil do they have to be, to glibly, lightly take young children, male and female and prostitute them, like has been done with the Jeffrey Epstein thing?

He was an operative of intelligence agencies, not just CIA, not just MI6 but Mossad, also. Once you kind of understand that, that these people, themselves are being used in this bigger global operation, is it restricted to them? Of course not!

Hollywood, itself is filled with people, whose parentage, their lineage is not indicative – not what it’s presented to be; who are from very influential families, very wealthy families, where these bloodlines are handed down the pivotal influence positions in the international theater to their offspring; people who’ve made pacts with the Devil.

And in fact, it’s become a threshold thing for people to have success in Hollywood. Have they made their pact with the Devil? We have not just a few; not just tens – but hundreds of people in the entertainment industry, in the news media industry who have even been opened, where they’re on tape, they’re on video, acknowledging that they made a pact with the Devil; that they HAD to make a pact with the Devil for success!
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Yes! All our lives, candidates for President were open about what they did in high school, such as debate team, honor society, sports teams, and so on, with everything easily documented. Same for their college days and their military careers. Then along came Obama, or whatever his real name is. His life story was all smoke, mirrors, and contradictions, with people in both Hawaii and Kenya, as well as a third place I have forgotten, insisting he was born there.
Everyone who helped put that scumbag into office is a traitor to the USA.


What’s the real story behind Juan O Savin 107 FM The Boot? First he’s trying to masquerade as JFK Jr the Lion King come again. Now he’s going slumming pitching Obama mama porn. Come on now…

Why does 107 know so much about the lifestyles of the rich and Satanic?

    • Hey mr. cut & paste,
      Write any good books lately?
      Maybe U can do one on “Derby’s”?
      In the grand scheme of things———
      Doesn’t really matter if U believe or
      Not, in fact, since you’re so sure he’s not,
      PROVE IT… JK20VP—
      ~~just pondering……………..👽🤔👽

      • HawkBowler

        Icon of yours?
        He’s a grifter, dude, is that the star for
        your wagon hitch?
        Doesn’t matter what you believe
        He’s a grifter, okay
        Proof is the fact that he was grifting off
        JFKJR misleading some to believe in the
        American Lion King Returns
        Grifter, look up the word

        • ~~Hey cut&paste-
          Again I ask—prove it_______
          (May-B U can devote a whole book to it? Here’s a tip; do a chapter on derby’s!)
          Hey, how about All the Unsung Hero’s in Uniform Taking out all the Evil that this World has to Offer? How about THE Baddest, Kick Ass President EVER!!!
          What about All 80+ Million who See and Heard the Call?——
          What About Those, Who Paid the ULTIMATE PRICE so that U and your Family can Be———
          ———Well, U Know.
          Those R my stars, my shining light that I was blessed with, they helped me to see a beautiful future. Unfortunately, over the years, we can lose sight and heart
          ~~no con here…

          So mr. cut&paste,
          My tip to U is——
          Be careful What U Wish 4~~👽

          • HawkBowler

            Oh you got me wrong… I’m pro military sting, pro Trump so long as he stays on the side of the country, and I’m definitely anti Nazi Vampires who worship Satan.

            Choosing sides isn’t difficult these days. And I suppose 107′s brand of trickery is not so bad compared to our fake news era, but let’s face it…. if 107 is not connected to the military sting and he’s not connected to JFKjr… what reason do we have to continue watching this man’s boot?

          • HawkBowler

            BTW what is ‘derbys’ that you keep talking about?

    • starshine

      Juan O Savin is a Patriot of this country, you should humble yourself and try it! What he is telling you about Obama is the truth!

  • Jokus Interruptus

    However worthy this topic might be, it also supports my belief that 107 is not in the current “intelligence” loop as it were. Who exactly is in that inner circle loop is hard to say but I’m practically certain that all 107 now has is old data and recycled stories. Assuming that’s accurate, there isn’t much point for seemingly well-intentioned guys like David Nuno Rodriguez to have him on his show. That to me is the real sham about 107, not the stuff like Pryme Mininster has suggested that 107 is JFK Jr.

  • Jen the pen

    All road leads back to the royal families of Europe, in actually they all kinfolks the white supremacist European royal families.

    • HawkBowler

      Evil doesn’t have a skin color Jen.